Lis Vega takes off her jacket and tans her babes on the beach.

The 43-year-old Cuban model made a point of tagging the clothes she’s wearing in the image when she posted it on social media.

Lis Vega Opens Her Jacket And Tans Her Babes On The Beach


United States: Lis Vega’s fans were astonished this weekend when she strutted her stuff on the beach while wearing nothing but a bikini.

The 43-year-old Cuban model advertised the clothing she was wearing in the shot on her Instagram profile.

Lis Vega Opens Hotel

In addition, she used the occasion to encourage her almost two million followers to look past the obvious, a reference to her own photography.

What you perceive is outside of your five senses’ perspective, and outside of your BODY. At the very bottom of the photograph, he added, “Go further.”

Lis Vega Opens Her Jacket And Tans Her Babes On The Beach Photoshoot

When Lis Vega posed for this photo, she wore nothing but a white thong and an open jacket, showing her massive charms.

She accessorised her look with high heels, a variety of jewellery pieces, and dramatic eye-catching lip colour.

Lis Vega Opens Her Jacket And Tans Her Babes On The Beach Poze

The picture captures the actress sunbathing on the sand while she sits on a chair.

Her post currently has over 27,000 likes and hundreds of comments from admirers who gush over her toned figure.



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