Lis Vega says she doesn’t care about people’s opinions with a wet body and almost teaching too much,

The star published the snapshot to tell her fans that she will be 44 years old on October 20 and does not care what they think of her.

Lis Vega

Lis Vega left her almost two million followers with a Shock eye by uploading a suggestive photograph posing with a bodysuit that left nothing to the imagination.

The Cuban starlet published the snapshot to tell her fans that she will be 44 years old on October 20 and does not care what people think of her.



I am approaching 44 and at this point in my life … make it clear that I do not care about your opinion or anyone else’s. (To whom it may concern) I only live to be happy, those who know me love me, I stay with that. You have to have many and a soul to be part of me, I am worth a lot and I am loyal, a word that few know. I am not everyone’s friend nor do I have love affairs with anyone, 2 years walking alone, but with my best company, I, my priority, I am not for everyone, and everyone is not for me, ”Lis Vega wrote in the caption from image. 

In the image you can see Lis Vega showing her exuberant curves with a long-sleeved white body, with which she showed her great body. 



To achieve this photo, the famous woman decided to pose on the edge of a pool while sunbathing and covering her charms with ribbons.

Lis Vega combined her outfit with sunglasses and various accessories. In addition to leaving her long hair loose.

So far her publication has more than 30 thousand likes and hundreds of comments from fans and friends who praised he wasp waist.



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