Vegans, isolated and lost in paradise: we live the experience of the series Welcome to Eden

SensaCine gets into the skin of one of the protagonists of the series that premieres on Netflix on May 6.

Welcome to Eden
Welcome to Eden

An island, isolated, vegan food, an immersive experience, and a great lack of knowledge about what is to come. This is the premise of Welcome to Eden, the next teen series that we are sure will hook you. But they were also the keys to the event organized by Netflix and Vampire Studio to promote the series, which SensaCine had the pleasure of attending. The thriller starring Amaia Salamanca, Ana Mena, Begoña Vargas, and Sergio Momo, among others, arrives on the streaming platform on May 6.

“The trip of your life”. This is how they defined the event for us and the truth is that they were not wrong. A trip where we enjoy one of the most incredible places in Spain. Our destination was in the extreme north of Ibiza. And, in addition, thanks to this experience we got into the skin of the protagonists of the series. Of course, saving the distances.


On April 25, and with a lot of mystery surrounding the event, a plane chartered by the company was waiting for us at T4 in Barajas. Almost a hundred people, including journalists, ‘influencers’, and staff from the ‘streaming’ platform, embarked on a journey that we knew nothing about. Well yes, we knew that we were going to one of the most incredible hotels in Ibiza and that we had to wear something blue -the characteristic color of the series.

Like the protagonists of Welcome to Eden, when we boarded the plane we were greeted by two people dressed in blue whose only eyes we could see. Before taking off they gave us an Ipad that we could not open until they told us. To our surprise, when we could already open it, we had the opportunity to see the first episode of the series. (And how it hooks!)

The arrival at the unprecedented Hotel Six Senses Ibiza left everyone impressed. We are talking about a place that is located between the mountains of the island and that is designed with the aim of optimizing its resources and maintaining harmony with its nature. For the occasion, the vast majority of the accommodation employees were dressed in the series’ characteristic tracksuits and were in charge of guiding us to our rooms.

The mystery was present throughout the experience since we did not know what awaited us in the next few hours. We found out through the WhatsApp messages they sent us, and we even received videos of the protagonists to give us directions. The next appointment was at 3:30 p.m. in the pool area to eat.


The protagonists of the series will arrive in Eden, a foundation isolated from the world on a small island and committed to the environment. One of its pillars is that what they eat is collected from their own harvest and is vegan. How could it be otherwise, all the food that was in the event was vegan and with names that referred to the series. For example, the appetizers at the meal were called “Self-Sufficiency Eden” and consisted of beet and horseradish carpaccio, and crème fraiche with olive oil.

But without a doubt, the most successful dish was one of the latter: “Astrid’s harvest” -the name of the character played by Amaia Salamanca-. This dish was made up of a delicious base of stracciatella with exquisite local figs accompanied by honey and herbs. What a delight!

The meal, with its subsequent table talk, came to an end around 5:00 p.m. We had the next appointment an hour later in a corner of the hotel that captivated everyone. We are talking about the area of the rocks. A small cliff was the ideal place to take pictures. All the attendees, dressed and made up in shades of blue, took several photos.

However, the big moment of the event would be at 8:00 p.m. At that time the first chords began to sound to start Ana Mena’s concert in a setting worthy of the occasion with the sunset in the background. To the rhythm of the most famous songs of the singer and actress, those present enjoy all kinds of vegan food, such as pizzas, and the occasional glass of wine or beer.

To finish, the DJs Pascal Moscheni, Naguiyami, and Cutemobb took turns during the night to entertain us, attendees. There was less left of this exciting experience since the next morning we only had time to have a ‘brunch’ and return to Madrid. A unique and incomparable experience in which the mystery was the main protagonist.

I wish they had told us “you don’t have to leave”, like the protagonists of the series. However, we will have to settle for seeing the adventure of Zoa and company. Starting May 6 on Netflix, Welcome to Eden.

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Written by Christina d'souza

Proofreader, editor, journalist. I have been doing my favourite thing for more than six years.


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