Lis Vega shows off her dreamy lips with a selfie on Instagram

Lis Vega shows off her dreamy lips with a selfie on Instagram

Lis Vega 4
Lis Vega 4

Although Lis Vega received strong criticism for a long time for having changed her physique to look younger and feel better about herself, now that years have passed since the harsh comments about her appearance, she begins to receive compliments and good words from her followers.

Surely they could have been discouraging moments for the Cuban vedette, although she has always shown that what they will say does not affect her in the least, and much less does she care. In a recent Instagram post, away from negative comments, she received quite a few positive words, which amends her past.

It turns out that Lis, as usual, is very focused on her social networks and keeping in close contact with her fans, which they are grateful for now, and she shared a photo of herself looking very pretty with makeup that enhanced her beautiful slanted eyes and those lips of envy.

In the selfie that Lis Vega took for Instagram, she can be seen looking very beautiful with youthful makeup that takes years off her, wearing a chiffon blouse with a Versace-style print that she styled perfectly with some silver accessories.

“Vibras” was the only thing shared by the Cuban, who is also known as the Urban Poet, due to her foray into the music industry, unleashing a large number of comments from her followers, who called her ” beautiful”, “radiant”, “gorgeous” and “a woman with dreamy lips”, which makes it clear that everyone melts with their changes.

Despite having gone to some aesthetic arrangements to look much better, the reality is that Lis Vega was always a very beautiful woman with an impact physique, but she tried to make her lips thicker and change her face in different aspects, but she looks sensational for her age, which has crushes on many men, but also one or another woman.

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