Lis Vega leaves only a leather jacket on top and burns Instagram

is Vega leaves only a leather jacket on top and put fire on Instagram networks

Lis Vega 1
Lis Vega 1

Sensuality and beauty are what Internet users think when talking about the Cuban singer and vedette Lis Vega, this is because of her personality and the photographs or videos that she shares through social networks and today she proves again why she is the Queen.

Through her official Instagram profile, where she has one million and 800 thousand followers, Lis unleashed total madness by stripping off all her clothes and being completely naked and using only a leather jacket to cover herself.

Everyone was speechless to see the Cuban show off her tremendous physique in front of the camera lens and from outside her home with nothing underneath and only covering her attributes with her hands and a leather garment, sitting in the garden and enjoying the rays of the sun.

A revolution was generated by Lis Vega on the Internet platform with her publication, reaching more than 46 thousand likes and many comments from her followers, friends, and work colleagues, who did not stop applauding her most daring side.

Prior to this photograph, the singer, known as the Poeta de lo Urbano, shared a post on Instagram in which she showed herself wearing tight leather pants and a top of the same style, wearing her long black hair and the most beautiful.

Lis Vega again caused a furor among her followers and everyone is amazed at her way of being and her personality, which is distinguished by being very unique, as well as daring, and this is because she feels very good about herself, according to he declares, bringing out his most authentic side and maintaining a close relationship with his followers and admirers.

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