Glowing! Yanet García shows her rear in a fitted dress

Yanet García has caused a furor on social networks after sharing a new photo of his rearguard on his Instagram account .

yanet garcia candente vestido.jpg 554688467
yanet garcia candente vestido.jpg 554688467

During the spring time, temperatures tend to rise, and that makes celebrities choose to take off their clothes or at least put on smaller clothes and Yanet García was not the exception because through her Instagram account she boasted her rearguard thanks to an outfit that left nothing to the imagination.

It cannot be denied that in a very short time the ex -Climate Girl knew how to win the affection of the viewing public for her unmatched charisma and simplicity, characteristics that she always demonstrated every time she appeared on the screen to conduct a segment of the “ Today ” program.

But what really drove Yanet García’s success on Mexican television was his exquisite taste for fashion, since we could always delight ourselves with the tiny and fitted outfits he used on set to show off the spectacular figure he owns his 29 years old.


Glowing! Yanet García shows her rear in a fitted dress


Yanet García’s rear guard raises the temperature

And these times of quarantine have not been an impediment for Yanet García to stop raising the temperature on social networks with his mischievous photographs that he shares through her and today has not been the exception because his fans have kept the open-mouthed at the new content he posted on his Instagram account.


The famous actress and driver from Monterrey wanted to pamper all her followers with a new photograph that she shared on Instagram, in which she appears wearing a fitted red dress and thus achieve that her faithful fans can give themselves a good wad in this quarantine.

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