Mexico enters Phase 3 due to coronavirus, what does it mean and how should we act?

The highest peak of coronavirus infections has occurred in Mexico , which is why the authorities declared Phase 3 of the health contingency.

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The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), announced at the morning conference that Mexico is already in Phase 3 of the coronavirus health emergency .

With a total number of 8,772 confirmed and 712 killed by Covid-19 , the arrival of Phase 3 in Mexico was “inevitable” and impossible to stop due to the exponential increase in cases of the deadly virus that keeps the world in crisis.

Despite the official announcement by the federal government of Phase 3, many citizens are wondering what health measures should be implemented during this new phase and how to act in the face of the exponential increase in cases of covid-19 in Mexico .

What does Phase 3 for coronavirus mean?

The Phase 3 of the coronavirus is the period of maximum transmission of the virus, at this point contagions cease to be trackable, making it difficult propagation chains can break.

What the federal government seeks from the measures implemented in Phase 2, such as the suspension of non-essential activities, is to reach Phase 3 without saturation in the health system in order to adequately care for coronavirus patients.

“Phase 3 can be so fast that it does not allow adaptation of the health system despite the fact that we are undergoing the re conversion process and then we are in serious and great problems to care for people with covid-19,” assured the Undersecretary of Health. Hugo López-Gatell.

In Phase 3, it is expected that about 12 percent of the population will have severe coronavirus symptoms and 6 percent critical cases, could even lose their lives.

Measurements in Phase 3 of the Covid-19

  • Protect and care for the elderly and other risk groups.
  • It would analyze extending the suspension of classes that is scheduled to April 30.
  • Do not hold any massive event, celebration or gathering.
  • Maintain paralyzed work activities that involve the mobilization of people in all sectors of society.
  • Avoid taking public transportation
  • Keep in general quarantine to avoid more infections
  • Intensify basic prevention measures.
  • Curfews, flight limitations, border closures and mandatory quarantine may apply.

Highest peaks of coronavirus

Dr. Gustavo Cruz Pacheco, from the Institute in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) warned that the week of May 6 to 13 will be the turning point for Mexico, soaring the numbers of Covid infections -19 in the country.


Despite the fact that in Mexico the vast majority of the population has respected the measures implemented by the Ministry of Health, the cases of coronavirus have surpassed the Mexican health sector, a similar case occurred in the first world countries where thousands of people have died due to the overflowing number of Covid-19 sufferers.

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