Does intimacy between friends strengthen friendship?

According to a scientific study conducted by Boise State University, sex casual among friends helps strengthen friendship instead of breaking it.

The idea of ​​having sexual relations with a friend or friend is always a taboo subject. Our surroundings seem to warn us that sex between friends ruins the friendship. But will this be true? Have we become accustomed to putting too rigid a limit between intimacy and sex?

According to several studies, these argue that a passionate sexual encounter with a friend is not only dangerous but could have benefits in the relationship. Therefore, we would not have to choose between one thing or the other.

But the reflection that most people usually have in mind is that, once that line is crossed with a friend, the relationship always ends up messing up because one of the parties ends up falling in love with the other and, therefore, things happen to another level.

According to an investigation made by the State University of Boise (United States), it was revealed that having sex between friends helps friendship.

The scientific study, led by the academy Heidi Reeder, surveyed 300 people, between men and women in equal numbers and of that total 76% said they had sex with a friend, at least once. And of that amount, 75% said that, after a while, the friendship and confidence had strengthened.

Likewise, within this same group, 50% indicated later that they began a romantic relationship with an old friend, which they managed to maintain until the moment when the interview was conducted.

For her part, the psychologist and director of the Reverie Psychological Center, María Josefina Honorato, said that having a friend with a right is more “hygienic” and “safe” than having sex with a stranger. When you have sex with friends, there is a level of confidence that helps talk about issues such as contraceptive methods or HIV.

Although the idea that friends have sex without one of the two getting hurt from the situation is culturally not well seen, this research shows a point: how the way of relating is mutating, as well as our conception of what is right and incorrect.

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