Chiquis Rivera captivates with a teeny-tiny figure that leaves no room for interpretation.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter shared a series of photos showing off her curves while wearing a stunning gown.

Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera astonished his fans last weekend when he posted a series of images showcasing his charms.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter posted a series of photos to her Instagram account showing off her curves while wearing a stunning gown.

Chiquis Rivera Concert

Lorenzo Méndez’s former partner utilised his publishing to deliver a message of self-love and to underline that he does not value negative feedback.

“Maybe I’m not to your taste, but thank God for that, because self-love isn’t a prerequisite,” he wrote with his photographs.

Similarly, Chiquis Rivera used the occasion to encourage his followers to watch his NBCUniversal television series “Lo Mejor de Ti with Chiquis.”

The famous 36-year-old is seen in the photographs wearing a black bodysuit that she paired with a coloured jacket, a pink cap, and white ankle boots to show off her curves.

Chiquis Rivera Singer

The singer wore natural makeup, long flowing hair, and a variety of accessories for this shoot.

His photos have received over 94 thousand likes and tens of thousands of comments from admirers and friends who have appreciated his beauty.



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