Celia Lora and Ignacia Michelson in sexy leather and teddy lingerie

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Image 1 150

28-year-old Ignacia Michelson and 37- year-old Celia Lora are apparently in a lingerie war for their fans, as we have seen them in the last few days sharing very sexy content.

In the images they have shared on their Instagram accounts, the two women can be seen wearing the most classic lingerie, even putting on some very extravagant leather ones.

And it is that both women know that they have the body to do it, so seeing them with these garments have set the nets on fire at will because of how good they look.

In an image we can see Celia Lora with teddy-type lingerie with which she poses very sensual, since she shows her beautiful legs which are well cared for.

Celia Lora and Ignacia Michelson in sexy leather and teddy lingerie
The war between Celia Lora and Ignacia Michelson in lingerieThe two most beautiful models in lingerie / Instagram

For her part, Ignacia Michelson answered her with a lingerie so tiny that it could play a bad trick on her, but she knew how to accommodate herself very well for the photo where they told her everything like Celia Lora.

“Good goddessaaaa as always”, “Beautiful enchanting wonderful divine @celi_lora”, “The most beautiful in Mexico”, they write to the two women.

It is worth mentioning that Ignacia Michelson will be in the ninth season of Acapulco Shore, which will be recorded in Colombia these days.

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