At 58 you can’t look better and Laura Flores proves it by showing off impact legs in minishort

Mexico.- Among the most conserved artists in all of Mexico is Laura Flores , one of the most prominent icons of the Aztec country and recognized thanks to her participation in different melodramas of great impact on the audience.

Recently, the Mexican actress surprised everyone after announcing a project that is being carried out, probably a music video after the hashtags she used in the publication that reveals “a little preview of what’s next.”

It was not the news that he works on new music that left everyone speechless, but the photograph of this secret project, in which he is seen wearing a body of envy, this with 58 years of age and experience in life , both personal and artistic.

Although, it is known that Laura Flores has one of the most envied figures in the world of entertainment for her age, this photograph showed in detail that her body is free of any trait over the years, which makes it clear that it is probably the best preserved.

A tiny denim shorts with a long-sleeved white top and beige high-top sneakers were what made up her outfit, but the main protagonists were those shapely impact legs and a flat and marked abdomen.

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At 58 You Can’T Look Better And Laura Flores Proves It By Showing Off Impact Legs In Minishort

In social networks, Laura usually shows and shares with her followers how active her life is; He is always exercising, eating healthy and taking care of his body, which has given him very good results despite his age.

The publication of Laura Flores made it clear that she is one of the Mexican women in the entertainment industry with the best physique, which earned her a lot of praise from her beloved followers, with whom she always has close contact thanks to the Internet and the different platforms.


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