Carlos Rivera, Sebastián Yatra and Alejandro Fernández delight their fans by showing their muscles

The singers “”broke”” the Internet by posing together.

Carlos Rivera , Sebastián Yatra And Alejandro Fernández

SPAIN.- Carlos Rivera , Sebastián Yatra and Alejandro Fernández surprised on social networks by posing together showing their muscles.

The handsome singers shared photos on their Instagram accounts where the three are having dinner, and show their arms to see who is more muscular.

In the pictures, the talented trio are rolling up their t-shirt sleeves a bit to show which “”rabbit”” is the biggest.

“”Throwing competitions, I think the Foal wins @alexoficial but at least I was not in last @sebastianyatra hahaha,”” Rivera wrote.
“”The spinach is taking effect,”” Fernández commented on his account.

Although they did not specify if they are preparing a musical theme, it is speculated that the Mexicans and the Colombian are planning something interesting.


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