You learn from our mistakes, Gomita’s mother said after criticising familial violence.

Mrs. Elizabeth Campos, Gomita’s mother, thanked everyone for their support and demonstrated that she has the best attitude to deal with her family’s challenges through a series of videos.

Araceli Ordaz Campos Better Known As Gomita

Araceli Ordaz Campos, also known as Gomita, expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support after releasing a tragic video on social media in which she denounced her father for physical assaults, as well as revealing the strikes she sustained in the face while defending her mother.

And, while the influencer’s brother also made some words in response to reports about her father’s alleged infidelity, it is now Mrs. Elizabeth Campos who is dealing with the fallout from her eldest daughter’s statements.

On the night of Friday, October 15, the lady popularly known as “Doa Chave” published a series of videos through the tales of her personal Instagram account, in which she praised the support received and demonstrated that she has the finest attitude to handle her family challenges.

“Good night to all the wonderful and beautiful people here on Instagram,” she added. “I just want to thank you for all your professions of affection, for all your support, and as you say, in this life one comes to be full and happy.”

According to the clown and television host’s public complaint on October 11, this is not the first time Mr. Alfredo Ordaz Barajas has physically harmed her family; however, this has helped Mrs. Elizabeth to think on and learn from the horrible experiences you have had to go through.

You learn from our mistakes and, more importantly, from our issues.I can only thank you because I am completely confident that everything will be alright for me, my daughter, and my children, she added to her statement.

Although she did not go into detail about what happened on September 3 when they were victims of family abuse, she closed by emphasising that, despite the difficult circumstances, there is always a route out, just as the one she was finally able to find.

“There is only one life, so it is better to look ahead rather than back!” “From here to the front, thank you for your support, Doa Chave!”


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