Claudia lvarez flaunts her nearly 5-month-pregnant belly: I feel quite powerful.

Claudia lvarez tweeted a photo of herself smiling in front of a mirror while wearing trousers and a shirt, allowing her to admire her “baby bump” as she celebrated her parenthood.

Claudia Alvarez.

Claudia lvarez is grateful to be able to celebrate her 40th birthday with joy, because not only has she become one of the public’s most beloved and respected actresses, but she is also experiencing a wonderful stage in her personal life as a result of her second pregnancy, which will see her become a mother of twins.

And it was through her official Instagram profile that the actress shared a touching image in which she boasted her belly of almost five months of gestation, which she accompanied with beautiful words in which she spoke of how complicated the last months had been, because, unlike her first pregnancy, she had to endure severe symptoms.

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“This is a casual photo without makeup, and I’m extremely glad to show you how my tummy is doing.” I will be 5 months pregnant next week, and if I have gone through hard times, my symptoms were twice that of Kira, now my oxygen is gone by doing three things, but just thinking that I have three hearts, sixty fingers in my body, six lungs, and so on, I feel super powerful and there will be nothing that I cannot achieve in life “explained the well-known


The image, in which she appeared posing in front of a mirror wearing jeans and a top, allowed approximately 3 million followers to appreciate her “baby bump,” with which she celebrated her motherhood and took the opportunity to thank those who have stayed close to send you infinite expressions of affection.


“Thank you for always being on the lookout and showering me with affection; I feel connected to you and appreciate that you follow me in my professional and personal processes!!!”


On September 5, the Mexican actress announced on social media that she is pregnant for the second time, and she and her husband, producer Billy Rovzar, shouted from the rooftops that she is expecting not one, but two babies, as they would be parents of twins.


NOTICE! We have been blessed twice!!!!! When they found out in heaven that we were asking for another baby, Diosito decided that we were ready to receive two beautiful little souls to bless our lives, knowing our capacity for love “He wrote this at the bottom of a series of photos in which he displayed an ultrasound and was accompanied by his first daughter Kira.


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