What will Melody, the new animated film with Katy Perry, be about?

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Katy Perry
Katy Perry

In several news portals, it is shared that Melody, starring Katy Perry, will also be made to entertain the public and will be uplifting and inspiring of self-discovery that celebrates the importance of fulfilling people’s dreams and believing in oneself.

Independent animation studio ZAG has partnered with Cross Creek Pictures to produce Melody, an animated musical film created and directed by Jeremy Zag and starring Katy Perry.

In several news portals, it is made official that Katy Perry is already involved in this project that will undoubtedly be one more success in her career as an actress and singer, and it is she along with Jeremy Zag, founder and executive director of ZAG who has made public the draft.

Melody will be directed by Julian Zag and Katy Perry will co-write and perform the songs for the feature film, which will be produced by Jeremy Zag, who is the creator, director, and producer of the worldwide phenomenon Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug.

About the plot of the tape, it is known that Melody is a singer who will face the evil Rose Stellar, an envious, jealous, and evil singer who wants to destroy Melody, who will try to defend herself at all times until she defeats her with her talent over everything.

Katy Perry, 37 years old, originally from Santa Barbara, California, USA,  and whose full name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, is one of the most successful artists since she has managed to sell more than 143 million records worldwide and It has one billion streams on Spotify.

On Twitter, Katy Perry has more than 100 million followers, and according to information in her biography, she rose to world stardom in 2008 after releasing the songs I Kissed a Girl and Hot N Cold from her debut album One of the Boys.

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