I cook? The details of Katy Perry’s new Tiny Kitchen

Katy Perry’s participation in Tiny Kitchen

Katy Perrys participation in Tiny Kitchen 1
Katy Perrys participation in Tiny Kitchen 1

UNITED STATES.- Katy Perry participated in the new edition of Tiny Kitchen, the Tastemade program . This program covers the theme of minimalist gastronomy, where different celebrities are invited to participate in a culinary challenge. On this occasion, the pop singer was the main guest, in a special edition for International Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on May 9, all over the world.

So it was that Katy Perry shared her experience with this new Tiny Desk, on her official Instagram account. This was done through the new Instagram TV tool, where the platform allows you to upload videos of a longer extension, even hours in length. In this case, the duration of this special edition was five minutes and 35 seconds. It reached 238,000 views in a span of three hours.



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In its different editions, Tiny Kitchen, works in conjunction with Bragg, a store of essential ingredients for gastronomy, which even has a section of ingredients for minimalist food. In this video, the singer tells: “It was really my mother who made me know Bragg, she always cooked for me, very healthy food, like salads”, and says that she does not usually cook often.

During the almost six minutes that this edition lasts, Katy Perry claims to have had a lot of fun. It is shown manipulating different kitchen utensils, of a miniscule size and laughing at its difficulty in cooking. On more than one occasion, she names her mother and remembers that if there is something that she did not inherit from her, it is her talent for cooking, but she is finally happy with the result.

On the other hand, in conjunction with her publication, Katy Perry wrote that it is no secret that she is a fan of the little things. She is also happy to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day in this way, along with Tastemade and Tiny Kitchen. He went to his followers, hoping that this video, where his puppy appears, can give them a smile. And what did you cook? Some mini vegan donuts.

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