Top 5 of the most impressive Mexican soap opera endings

Mexican soap
Mexican soap

Among the most watched telenovelas of the new century, these are the top 5 endings of Mexican telenovelas that have caused the most impact

Although they are telenovelas from a few yesterdays ago, these successful stories could be enjoyed again in 2022, thanks to their broadcast on Televisa’s Tlnovelas Channel and these are the Top 5 finales  of these most impressive Mexican melodramas that have been recorded between the knowledgeable public.
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Protagonists , villains , love triangles and stellar or key characters are the ones that make up a story and the next five Televisa productions were no exception. Well, it is enough to remember the actors who played them to know that they have been one of the best soap operas of the 21st century.

And it is that the way in which each of these stories began could be relevant for the public, however, the endings are the ones that remain most etched in the minds and hearts thanks to the fact that love always or almost always triumphs and Of course, the villains always get what they deserve in the shocking finales of Mexican telenovelas .

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ruby (2004)

Who could forget the story of Rubí Pérez Ochoa? The melodrama starring Bárbara Mori , completing the love triangle with Sebastián Rulli and Eduardo Santamarina , is one of Televisa’s most remembered stories that has broken audience records and in 2004 had one of the most impressive endings.

This, thanks to the ingenuity of José Alberto ‘El Güero’ Castro -its producer- and the masterful performance of the Uruguayan actress who, in addition to playing Rubí ‘la descarada’, also personified her niece Fernanda Martínez Pérez who inherited her beauty and although the protagonist ended up all disfigured, she used her niece to make Dr. Alejandro Cárdenas (Santamarina) fall in love.


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When I Fall in Love (2010-2011)

Contrary to so much drama, and after the villainous characters of Rocío Banquells, Jessica Coch -the baddest-, Magda Karina, Odiseo Bichir and Lisardo had their comeuppance, in the end love triumphed and the protagonists played by Silvia Navarro  and Juan Soler , fulfilled their dreams and formed a family.

In the production by Carlos Moreno Laguillo, the stellar performances of actors of the stature of José Ron, René Casados, Julieta Rosen, Lourdes Munguía and the first actresses Yolanda Mérida and Irma Dorantes, have also remained engraved in the hearts of viewers.


Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe - Ver la serie online


Till Money Do Us Part (2009-2010)

The differences in social classes and labor conflicts could have been enough reasons for Alejandra Álvarez del Castillo ( Itatí Cantoral ) and Rafael Medina Núñez ( Pedro Fernández ) to never be happy, because in addition to the intrigues of the villains, heartbreak reigned. among them.

Well, the couples of both -the remembered Marco Valenzuela (Víctor Noriega) and Vicky ‘la Pajarita’ ( Luz Elena González )-, could not separate them thanks to the fact that Rafael put his batteries together and ended up conquering Lic. Alejandra with his spontaneity and his nobility, and the end of the production of Emilio Larrosa was magical.


RBD's Maite Perroni confirms the gender of her baby: it's a girl!


Triumph of Love (2010-2011)

While the leading characters of Maite Perroni and  William Levy finally found peace and tranquility to love each other freely after a lifetime of entanglements, the villains played by Guillermo García Cantú and Dominika Paleta had their own comeuppance caused by themselves .

The story was also starring Victoria Ruffo, Osvaldo Ríos and Diego Olivera; and had the antagonistic performances of Daniela Romo, Úrsula Prats and Salvador Pineda, as well as the stellar performances of Erika Buenfil, Carmen Salinas and Pilar Pellicer – these last two actresses , now deceased).


Victoria Ruffo - IMDb


The Unloved (2014)

After being in love with the same man, mother and daughter ( Victoria Ruffo and Ariadne Díaz ), the girl becomes immensely jealous of her mother and cannot understand why she fell in love with Esteban ( Christian Meier ); because although she had a boy who adored her as a suitor, Acacia (Díaz) did not reciprocate.

Well, with the passage of time, she began to feel silent love for Esteban and he also for her, even though he was her stepfather. In the end, after failing to win Acacia’s love, he confesses to a couple of crimes and accidentally shoots Acacia, the woman of his life, but he too is shot and dies along with his lover.

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