18 Latino series and soap operas you can’t miss on Netflix

From comedies to dramas, you will find in this list of Latin American series recommended on the platform, from countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.


Who Killed Sara?

Nobody imagined the incredible reception that the Mexican series would get, created by Chilean José Ignacio Valenzuela , which became the platform’s most popular non-English language title, with around 55 million subscribers watching it after its debut last April. .

Now he is back with his second season , continuing the revenge story of Alejandro “Alex” Guzmán (Manolo Cardona), who obtained his freedom after 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit: that of his sister Sara (Ximena Lamadrid).

In its new eight episodes, the series maintains its main characteristic, which is to impress the viewer with unexpected revelations and renewed conflicts . In addition, the plot jumps six months into the future and exposes completely different situations and the first of several unforeseen deaths.

Taking the audience on board a roller coaster of emotions and dangers , which maintains its mix of scenes set both in the present and in the past, and villains that still remind of the great baddies of classic Mexican soap operas.

And its ending will surprise by showing the culprit of the girl’s death, leaving open the possibility of a third season.

I am Betty the Ugly one

What is it about I am Beety, the ugly one that, more than 20 years after its premiere, in October 1999, is still a trend?

It does not usually leave the list of the most watched titles on Netflix in several Latin countries and that almost everyone knows the story of its protagonist, Beatriz Aurora Pinzón Solano (Ana María Orozco), an economist not physically attractive, but very intelligent , who comes to work at the Ecomoda company.

There, she holds the position of secretary to the president of the company, Armando Mendoza (Jorge Enrique Abello), with whom she ends up secretly falling in love.

While he has to deal with teasing and bullying from his office colleagues , especially Patricia (Lorna Paz), a gossipy secretary with six semesters of finance at San Marino University.

With its mixture of drama and comedy , I am Betty, the ugly became the most successful television series of all time , including the Guinness Record, and left for posterity Betty, an iconic and beloved character with bangs, glasses, braces and a lot of resilience.

The Replacement

Some say it resembles Dangerous Minds , the 1995 film in which Michelle Pfeiffer teaches a troubled kids’ school. In this case, the executive of an important company ( Iván Álvarez de Araya ) is left without a job due to his mistakes and excessive ambition.

Pushed by his father and brother, who are dedicated to teaching, he decides to rethink his life and take classes in a school with low-income students.

There he meets these boys at social risk, he begins to understand and love them, in a difficult relationship, but in the end fruitful for both parties, because this improvised teacher will re-learn values ​​that he had put aside .

two-season production that gave prestige to TVN , a channel on which it aired in 2012 and 2013, and which also had as its central song the great Mi Verdad , in the voice of Ana Tijoux . Safety pin.

The kingdom

Ferocious Tango , Ashes of Paradise and Burnt Silver are some of the films that have made Marcelo Piñeyro a more than recognizable name in Argentine cinema . But now the director decided to take a new step and debut in the series with this story, in which he teamed up with the writer Claudia Piñeiro and which has a front-line cast that includes the names Mercedes Morán ( Neruda ) and Diego Peretti ( No children ).

And it is this actor who plays on screen Emilio Vázquez Pena, a well-known evangelical pastor who, thanks to his popularity, became the running mate of businessman Armando Badajoz (Daniel Kuzniecka) to reach the Argentine presidency. But after the murder of the latter at the end of the campaign, the priest is forced to become the candidate for president .

Thus, the eight-chapter miniseries combines politics and religion , in a dark bet that chapter by chapter reveals disturbing revelations that at times can confuse the viewer.

police and dramatic puzzle , where almost nobody is really what they seem, and that leads through a captivating and shocking plot, where the performances of the entire cast are key. Highly recommended.

Mother there are only two

Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariñana , the creators behind  Luis Miguel: the series , return to Netflix with this Mexican series, which shows  how the paths of two very different women come together

They are the young Mariana ( Paulina Goto ) and the executive Ana ( Ludwika Paleta , the famous María Joaquina de Carrusel ), who despite their different economic origins coincide in the same hospital to have their daughters, after the driver of Ana is on the wrong route.

After the error of a nurse, who exchanges their babies , both mothers initiate an unlikely coexistence that at first seems that it will not work, due to the opposite ways of facing things and the motherhood of the two women, but little by little it is bringing them closer and closer.

This is how a relationship is built marked by the dramas and joys they face as mothers , a host of challenges and learnings that emerge throughout the ten chapters of this first season, of which the viewer is a witness and an accomplice thanks to the closeness that the series achieves with its storytelling style.

Selena: the series

At the end of last year, the series that revived on screen the story of success and tragedy of Selena Quintanilla , the Mexican-American singer who became a legend of Tejano music, debuted on Netflix .

Now comes the second part of the program -also nine episodes-, in which the public reconnects with Selena (Christian Serratos) when he has already established himself as an artist among the Latin public in the United States and his fame begins to spread throughout Mexico.

The new episodes show her wedding behind her family’s back, the friction that fame provokes in her marriage and the creation of her clothing stores, the league with a figure who will be key in her tragic future: Yolanda Saldivar (Natasha Perez).

All framed by her songs, the charm of the actress who embodies her, Christian Serratos, and the incursion of an anecdotal moment in her life and that of another future music star: when in the city of Houston she met a teenager Beyoncé.

Analía’s revenge

When it premiered last August, this Colombian series was a success. It is that he has the hook of revenge , the one that Analía (Carolina Gómez) decides to collect, a political strategist based in Mexico who has a plan: to avenge the murder of her mother , which occurred three decades ago.

For that, he decides to ruin the career of the person responsible for his death, Guillermo León Mejía (Marlón Moreno), an unscrupulous politician who is running for president of the country, becoming his campaign advisor.

That revenge is the engine of this 56-episode political thriller , marked by corruption, lies and infamous romance.

Dark Desire

In 2004 Maite Perroni made her acting debut and became famous thanks to the soap opera Rebeldes . More than 15 years later, the actress leaves that simple young woman behind with the mature and sensual role in Dark Desire.

This is the Mexican series where Perroni becomes Alma Solares, a 40-year-old lawyer and university professor who is married to Judge Leonardo Solares (Jorge Poza). His story begins with a brief and chaotic scene where the police detain a woman, in the middle of several ambulances.

With a leisurely pace, but marked by different and constant revelations , the 18 chapters – half an hour long each – of the new Netflix thriller are being developed . But here the mystery, in essence police, is added a key ingredient: eroticism , with sensual scenes that never fall into the vulgar.

The House of Flowers

Every story has its end, including that of the De la Mora family, the family we met with  La Casa de las Flores . Although it hurts thousands of followers, this soap opera came to an end.

Recently, Netflix premiered the third and final season of one of the most successful Latin series in recent times, the  kitsch and overloaded melodrama  of Manolo Caro that captivated with the misfortunes of this clan from the affluent neighborhood of Las Lomas.

Everything was going well in the De la Mora mansion until Roberta , Ernesto’s lover, the father of the family and husband of the matriarch, Virgina, committed suicide in the family flower shop , played by the diva Verónica Castro.

Roberta’s death opened a Pandora’s box full of secrets, betrayals and lies , which begin to unravel the family, despite the efforts of Virgina and Paulina, her eldest daughter, the most memorable character in the entire series.

Luis Miguel, the series

El Sol de México is back on Netflix! This year the second season of this popular series was released, one full of emotions, because it solves some of the problems that were awaited at the end of the first installment.

This return takes up the unbridled search that the interpreter of La unconditional (in the role of Diego Boneta ) and his brother Alejandro, make of their mother Marcela Bastari, who they have not heard from for a long time.

Thus, in the middle of Luisito Rey’s funeral, some news is uncovered that will seem to find the whereabouts of his mother , but that in the last minutes are thrown into the garbage can, because at that moment they confess a terrible secret hidden in the family paternal of the musician born in Puerto Rico.

In the midst of the chaos, Luis Miguel draws the strength to continue with his investigations, but also to obtain the custody of Sergio, his little brother, who remains in the custody of his grandmother Matilde, who is considered a bad influence for the child, for the closeness he has to his uncle Tito.

Get ready because what is coming from now on is a plot of intrigue, anger and a lot of alcohol.

Green Border

It is a Colombian series by the Colombian  filmmaker  Ciro Guerra, the same as El abrazo de la Serpent , nominated for the Oscar 2015 Award.

It is a  bizarre and supernatural horror miniseries  that will leave you with creeps, with the impenetrable Amazon as the setting.

This is because its eight chapters tell the story of the detective Helena (Juana del Río) and her assistant Reynaldo (Nelson Camayo), in the investigation of  violent deaths  that occurred on this natural border between Brazil and Colombia. Safety pin.

The Marginal

Do you know the history of the Borges brothers? Some criminals who with knives in hand seized power of a penitentiary .

The eight-part Argentine series El Marginal is about them,  with three seasons in which there is a lot of blood and the networks of corruption and influence peddling within San Onofre are seen.

In addition, it shows the ingenious way they manage to raise large sums of money, despite being behind bars.

Almost happy

Although he defines himself as ” not very famous, but well known” , the  actor, comedian and radio and TV host  Sebastián Wainraich is a true celebrity in Argentina.

So much so that it was the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and now  has its own series on Netflix , a sitcom with a Buenos Aires accent.

In  Almost Happy he  plays Sebastián, a  radio host and stand-up comedian, separated, father of twins, fan of Atlanta and moderately known.

Throughout ten chapters he shows   Sebastián’s daily tragedies , a bit in the style of  Curb your enthusiasm , the sitcom where the screenwriter and one of the creators of  Seinfeld  plays himself.

Wainrich transforms  his failures into the material of his routines  and that is more or less what he does with the situations that are happening to Sebastián, the ones that should make him cry, but that actually  make him laugh a lot.

The queen of the south

In this police drama Kate del Castillo plays Teresa Mendoza, a young Mexican woman who gets involved in the world of drug trafficking out of love. Like a good “Mexican” novel, the protagonist will get into some trouble that I don’t even tell you about.

After receiving a call, she learns that her fiancé, “Güero” ( Rafael Amaya ), has been murdered. What a tragedy! But there will be no time to watch the gallant. If Teresa doesn’t run away, she could be next.

After her epic escape from Mexico, she settles in Spain and becomes the queen of the southern traffickers. Apparently our protagonist did not learn anything, because in the remaining 63 chapters, this death will be nothing for which Teresa will live.

The white slave

If you like vintage soap operas, the story of Victoria Quintera (Nerea Camacho) will interest you. The soap opera starts when a white orphan is adopted by a family of black slaves in Colombia (Hello, Isaura slave?).

Since 1821 it was not common for a white girl to be accompanied by black people, she was forced to separate from them. Now a woman, she returned to the family that raised her and was reunited with Miguel (Orián Suárez), the great love of her life. To revive their romance, they must face the prejudices of the time and show the world that there is no distinction in love. All good vibes to lovebirds.

In 62 chapters we will know if there will be a happy ending for Victoria and Miguel. We are crossing our fingers to make it so.

El Chapo

We return to Mexico. If you like narco soap operas, El Chapo  should be at the top of your playlist .

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán (Marco de la O) did not have an easy childhood and in drugs he saw an opportunity for survival. He left as an apprentice in the Guadalajara Cartel, but without fear of spilling blood, he ended up moving tons of cocaine around the world. Before you continue reading, if you have heart problems, we recommend you watch this series wisely, because it is not for nothing that he is the most famous drug dealer on Netflix .

With three seasons available , this series portrays the life of El Chapo from his beginnings in the criminal world, until his last capture. A lot of action is what this successful Mexican-American co-production promises about one of the bloodiest drug traffickers in history.

Pablo Escobar: the patron of evil

If in Mexico we have “Chapo”, in Colombia the drug king is Pablo Escobar . This series portrays his life from his origins as the son of a humble teacher from Medellín, through his beginnings in the robbery of tombstones, until he became one of the richest and most dangerous men in the world.

In the series we even see the passage of Escobar (Andrés Parra) through politics, since to carry out his plans he needed absolute power. Already in Congress, his true intentions are uncovered and he declares war on the State, the ruling class and all of Colombia. The action begins here. Again we alert the cardiac.

The protagonist has no limits and will kill whoever gets in the way of his plans . To defeat him, it will take the determination of the Government and the formation of an elite group dedicated exclusively to capture him. We all already know the end of the story, but in the series you will see it told from another perspective.

Rosario Scissors

Raised in one of the marginal areas of the city of Medellín, Rosario (María Fernanda Yépes) survived the times of extreme violence by drug trafficker Pablo Escobar . He had a difficult childhood. At the age of 8 she was abused by one of her mother’s boyfriends and, several years later, by members of a neighborhood gang. This is where his nickname comes from, but we will not anticipate anything because we do not like to do spoilers.

With a life full of bad experiences, the girl was filled with hatred. Already a woman, she lives on the edge while seeking revenge on those who took her innocence. But her destiny will be turned upside down when she gets involved in a love trio with Antonio (Andrés Sandoval) and Emilio (Sebastián Martínez). Two upper-class young people with whom she will have a stormy, but tender relationship at the same time.

60 chapters of pure emotion and with an ending …

What do you think?

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