María Chacón and other children’s soap opera actors who grew up and look better than ever

Maria Chacon
Maria Chacon

They are María Chacón and other actors from children’s soap operas who have grown up, are still in show business and look better than ever!

They are actors who started very young in the histrionic arts and acting, singing, dancing and even modeling have become a fundamental part of their lives like the great artists they have become two decades after their beginnings. Among them are  María Chacón and other actors from children’s soap operas who have grown up and today look better than ever!

María Chacón. Qué fue de la actriz después de Alegrijes y rebujos - Grupo Milenio

The star originally from Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico, began her career in 2000 as a model for television commercials and then had the opportunity to audition for the first edition of the reality show Código FAMA, a Televisa Niños program in which she He was looking for children’s talent in the field of singing.

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From there, María Chacón opened the doors to the world of children’s soap operas , with which she conquered the hearts of viewers and her characters are still well remembered to date, such as Sofía ‘Chofis’ Domínguez, who did in her first telenovela ” Alegrijes y Rebujos” (2003-2004) or that of Chanya in her second children’s telenovela “Misión SOS Aventura y Amor en (2004-2005).

La transformación de 'la Chofis': María Chacón a través de los años

Today they look better than ever

The Mexican actress returned to television in 2022 after having made only four soap operas over almost 20 years in combination with comedy shows, series and plays. However, her character as Rebeca Chávez in the successful soap opera “Cabo” (2022-2023), placed her as one of the great villains of soap operas at 32 years of age.

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Alexander Speitzer

The little boy who started in the world of show business at the tender age of 5 years old named Alejandro Speitzer, with the angel he had when he starred in the children’s soap opera “Rayito de Luz” between 2000 and 2001, today he is one of the leading men most sought-after streaming platforms such as Netflix or Prime Video, for which he has worked in recent years.

The handsome actor born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico who began in the well-remembered program “Plaza Sésamo” (1999-2003), has to his credit more than 11 telenovelas on Televisa and Telemundo along with other important series that have catapulted to world fame as “Dark Desire” between 2020 and 2022 together with Maite Perroni, giving life to the unforgettable Darío Guerra.

Subsequently, Alejandro Speitzer starred in a Spanish mini-series called “Someone Has to Die” by Manolo Caro, both productions for Netflix. And this 2023 he appears in the series “La Cabeza de Joaquín Murrieta” giving life to Joaquín Carrillo.

charles speitzer

With a total of 27 telenovelas and 6 years older than his brother Alejandro, Carlos Speitzer also began acting at the age of 6 in the telenovela “Sin Ti” (1997-1998) produced by Angelli Nesma for Televisa sharing credits with Gaby Rivero, René Strickler, Adamari López and Roberto Vander.

But her presence has remained in force in unitary programs such as “La Rosa de Guadalupe” (2008-2016), “Como Dice el Dicho” (2016-2023) or “This Story Sounds To Me” (2019-2020), in which she has participated in countless episodes.

Dancing has become his best ally and for this reason he has become one of the best dancers on the reality show “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy” (2022), placing third. His last appearances in soap operas were in “Fuego Ardiente” (2021) as Baldomero Suárez, and in “Contigo Sí” (2021-2022) giving life to Abel Pérez and this is how he looks today.

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Damn Paula

At 27 years old, Danna Paola, who started in soap operas as a child, at the age of 4, making her debut in Sesame Street in 1999, has an impressive acting career that has prevailed with more force in the 11 soap operas that have made on Televisa and two more on Telemundo.

However, after having made a significant leap into television series in José José’s bioseries of the same name with a special participation in 11 chapters, it was the successful Netflix series “Elite” that catapulted her to international fame.

Music has also been an important part of her life, which is why the famous singer has also appeared on international stages for many years; her last world tour was XT4S1S TOUR in 2022.

Diego Boneta

Another of the actors who has gained international fame thanks to his work in the Netflix bioseries Luis Miguel (2020-2022), is Diego Boneta, who entered show business at the age of 12 when he was a participant in the reality show FAMA code (2002-2003).

Later he participated in the children’s soap operas “Alebrijes y Rebujos” (2003-2004) giving life to Ricardo Sánchez and “Misión SOS” (2004-2005) in the character of Christian Martínez. Between 2005 and 2006 he gave life to Rocco Bezauri in the successful telenovela “Rebelde” and later crossed borders in the acting scene, venturing into television series and movies. His last work was in the Prime Video series “At Midnight,” in 2022.

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