The big screen of love: 15 movies based on real events that you will never forget

Exciting loves have been inspiration to create great films that despite the years have not been forgotten. Remember here the movies based on real events more emotional.

The Notebook
The Notebook

The happy and sad endings in love leave joys, emotion, pain but also inspiration to make great productions in the film industry that despite the years, remain in the memory.

Although many fans of the romantic films believe that stories like ” Love Votes ”, ‘Forbidden Love’ or ‘My Africa’ exist only in the imagination of their writers and directors, the truth is that the plot of these movies they are based on real events and on characters that once loved each other.

If you love the love stories , we present a list of 15 romantic non-fiction stories that will make you sigh and get excited by a relationship of passion and romance not far from reality.

Movies based on real events about love
Love is a great source of inspiration to tell stories and many of them have been brought to the big screen. Next, we present the 15 most representative real-life films about the true meaning of falling in love.

1. Vows of Love (‘The Vow’)

the vow
the vow

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular romantic movies of the last decades is Votes of Love. A real story based on a newly married couple that as a result of an accident, the wife goes into a coma.

The care of your partner leads to its recovery miraculously; however, the young woman loses her memory, forgetting everything they both experienced: even the fact that she is his partner.

The protagonist, played by Channing Tatum tries to recover it and win his heart, again. However, it will not be easy at all. The co-protagonist is in charge of Rachel Mc Adams.

2. Titanic


The winner of several Oscar Awards statuettes takes us to a very powerful story to tell in the Royal Mail Steamship (RMS). This is a film based on real events, the relationship between the couple of Jack and Rose, young people who know each other in a boat with a tragic end. His love story was based on anecdotes from the survivors.

3. Eat, pray, love (Eat, pray, love)

Eat, pray, love
Eat, pray, love

Inspired by the book by writer Elizabeth Gilbert, this story based on a true story tells the story of a woman who does not feel satisfied with her life, as she repeatedly fails in her attempt to get pregnant. It follows that she divorces her husband and decides to travel the world, starting there, a love story to remember. Julia Roberts stars in this romantic film.

4. Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia
Julie and Julia

Meryl Streep and Amy Adams are the actresses who interpret this love story based on two women who find in pastry a way out of their problems and existential crises. The story will make you laugh but also thrill you thanks to the talent of these actresses of yesteryear.

5. Diary of a Passion (The Notebook)

The Notebook
The Notebook

They say that it is difficult to see this film without shedding even a tear and it is probably that Diary of a passion is one of the romantic plots that has most captivated moviegoers in the world. Ryan Gosling and Rachel Adams are consecrated in this film based on real facts, which must deal with the status quo that prevents a man of low economic resources from establishing a relationship with a girl with money.

His reunion, years later, will open wounds and memories that still hurt.

6. In the time of the butterflies

 In the time of the butterflies
In the time of the butterflies

Contextualized in the Argentine military dictatorship, this film is inspired by the story of the three Mirabal sisters. They assume a political commitment to overthrow the regime that finally harasses and persecutes them to the point of taking them to jail. The end of the story awaits a tragic scene not expected by the spectators.

7. The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything
The Theory of Everything

The legacy of the outstanding scientist and researcher, Stephen Hawking has been immortalized in his publications and great discoveries; nevertheless, it was necessary to make him a space to tell the story of love with the person who was his faithful friend and companion since its inception.

This is how The Theory of Everything was born , a film that tells the romantic relationship between Stephen Hawking and his now ex-wife, Jane. The vicissitudes that both face due to their illness will be the main development of the plot that culminates in a fair ending for both. One of the movies based on real events more powerful and popular.

8. Riding in Cars with Boys (The boys of my life)

Riding in Cars with Boys
Riding in Cars with Boys

Based on an autobiography by Bervely D’Onogrio, this film premiered in 2001 tells the story of a woman who, without waiting, becomes pregnant at age 16.

The life of this young mother seems to collapse when she realizes that her partner, the father of her son, turns out to be a child. Over time, uncomfortable situations begin to improve for this woman who manages to make a successful start in life.

9. As if it were the first time
The film starring Adam Sandler gives an account of the comic relationship of love that arises between a marine biologist and an art teacher in Hawaii.

The challenges to conquer this young woman will begin for Henry Roth, played by Sandler, when he discovers that she suffers from retrograde amnesia. Your conquest will have to be an everyday task.

10. Walk the Line
Two American folk singers make an instant click when they meet on a musical tour; however, the situation in which both find themselves puts difficult situations. A story based on real events of love and overcoming is played by the actors Joaquín Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon .

11. In the limit of love
Based on the story of the popular poet Dylan Thomas, this film tells the story of the encounter with his first love, Vera Phillips, already married. Love resurfaces among them, making the situation complicated for both, due to their commitment. Keira Knightley and Matthew Rhys interpret this complex relationship

12. Becoming Jane
The outstanding English writer, Jane Austen , takes us to this love story based on her and an Irish lawyer, Tom Lefroy . Separated by their parents, this exciting but sad plot is played by Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy .

13. A brilliant mind
John Forbes Nash , winner of the Nobel Prize, jumps to the big screen with a film inspired by his life. The plot revolves around the relationship of the mathematician, who suffered from schizophrenia, with her husband and all the difficulties and achievements they must face together.

14. My Africa
The book made by Karen Blixen is taken to the big screen to narrate her autobiography. The movie based on real events tells the story of love that arises between her and a hunter when traveling to Africa. Despite their differences, they achieve an almost instantaneous relationship. Meryl Streep interprets this film that received 7 Oscars.

15. The Invisible Woman
The love story between Charles Dicken and the young Nelly Wharton Robinson is brought to the big screen through the great actors Ralp Fiennes and Felicity Jones . His love story represents a novelty at the time because it is a 45-year-old man in love with a young woman of only 18 years. His romance lasts after the years until Charles dies.

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