Game of Thrones 8×03: Will they survive? The King of the night came to Winterfell

Game of Thrones 8×03 | ‘The Big Night’ begins while Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen prepare to defend Winterfell Will they come out alive from this? Here all the details

Game of Thrones 8x03
Game of Thrones 8x03

The 8×03 episode of Game of Thrones will be aired next Sunday on HBO but fans are already waiting to see it. Tonight we saw the last moments of the great army of the living before the threat of the ‘ King of the Night ‘.

With a duration of 82 minutes , the third episode of Game of Thrones begins with the announcement of the arrival of the King of the Night on the outskirts of the northern town. Having seen how Jaime Lannister joins the team and the promotion of Brianne as Knight of the Kingdom, everything would be ready to battle until the end.

The episode 8×03 of Game of Thrones will present us the beginning of the war against the living and the dead. It is seen how the forces in Winterfell begin the preparations to receive the armada of death. Can they be defeated?

On the other hand, we observe how Daenerys prepares to fight with his dragons in front of Viserion, the dragon that the King of the Night snatched before destroying Westeros’ great ice wall.

With the confession of Jon to be Aegon Targaryen, the great unknown is who would be the true heir of the ‘Iron Throne’ Will Dany accept him as his nephew, lover or king? The fans will have to wait for that answer. If you are one of the most fans of Game of Thrones , you can not miss this summary of the last episode .

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