The Batman: Matt Reeves reveals the inspiration for the story

The Batman Matt Reeves reveals the inspiration for the story
The Batman Matt Reeves reveals the inspiration for the story

The extended Universe DC continues in march, in spite of not having obtained the success that they hoped with its last films, something that from DC they hope to solve with their next projects. ‘Birds of Prey’, ‘The Batman’ or ‘Joker’ are some of the films that will arrive in movie theaters in the coming years, although before they will arrive ‘Aquaman’, ‘Shazam!’ and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. One of the films that is giving more to talk (besides the movie of ‘Joker’ by Joaquin Phoenix) is the next solo film by Batman, which could begin production next year.

Ben Affleck in front of the Batman costume

According to information collected by Comicbook, ‘The Batman’ would begin shooting in the summer of 2019, although it is not a definitive date, but the one that the studio hopes to maintain. The film directed by Matt Reeves would also use the script that he himself has written, which is pending revision, but apparently has enchanted Warner Bros., and which we only know will not be based on any comic of the character and that it will not show us (again) the origins of the hero. Although the start of filming may be closer than we thought, ‘The Batman’ still has no release date.

Not much information is known about this new adaptation of one of DC Comics’ star heroes, but thanks to IndieWire we now know that Reeves is using the story of Jekyll and Hyde as inspiration to translate the two personalities radically to the big screen different with which Bruce Wayne has: “I think it’s interesting, because one of the things that I found interesting, while working on the story, is to look at Jekyll and Hyde, and the idea of ​​your dark side, and the idea of, we are all multiple things, different aspects of who we are, and I think of it sometimes when maybe Bruce’s appearance is not really who he is, but that is the disguise. ”

Will Ben Affleck return to be Batman?

Regardless of the script or the story, it is the participation of Ben Affleck what most questions arise around this film. Already in June we learned that Matt Reeves was interested in having a younger Batman in this film, which would automatically eliminate Affleck as a protagonist, and his recent problems with alcohol have not helped raise doubts about his return as the bat . While the doubt remains in the air, Affleck seems willing to stay in shape thanks to the gym at home, but what has caught the attention is the statue of his version of Batman that has precisely in his gym, as told from Heroic Hollywood , which makes us wonder if we will see again the actor in the role of the vigilante or if only it is a motivation at the time of training.

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