Fantastic Animals Grindelwald’s Crimes J. K. Rowling Accused of Racism by Nagini’s Character

people are just so easily offended these
people are just so easily offended these

The trailer for ‘Fantastic Animals: The Grindelwald Crimes’ has unleashed as many passions among Harry Potter fans as raised controversy among so many others. The last complaint on social networks has been played by J.K. Rowling, who has been accused of racism after it became known that Voldemort’s snake was to be played by an Asian woman. The election of the South Korean Claudia Kim has not been seen with good eyes and Twitter has manifested against the decision of the scriptwriter and author of the famous saga.

As many will know, in the last advance of the film we discovered that Voldemort’s snake had had a past in which she was a woman of Asian race. As expected, this did not sit well with most of the followers who found disappointed as “a woman was going to become once again the mascot of a white man”, referring to the future that awaited the magician as a helpful creature of Lord Voldemort.

Reality: an Asian woman with her brain washed, turned into a giant snake and sentenced to more than 60 years as a slave of an evil white man to end up beheaded by a teenager.

It’s the last thing I say. I’m surprised with J. K. Rowling, you have to have the courage to commit 2/2 racial stereotypes. First Cho Chang being ‘a shy and gentle’ flower and now Nagini being the sexually attractive ‘Lady Dragon’ “.

As Rowling herself explained on Twitter, Nagini’s character was actually Maledictus and does not animate as was thought, that is, a woman who carried a birth curse with her. Apparently, the writer had kept the secret of the identity of the snake over twenty years so that now it has been criticized in a new case of political correctness. In any case, although fans did not know the past, the fateful fate that awaits Nagini, who died at the hands of Neville Longbottom at the end of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2’, is known.

There have also been contrary reactions

Despite the criticism, Rowling has also received some support and acceptance even from the collective of Asian potterheads, who have been happy to be at least represented in one of the characters in his favorite saga. In addition, it is still early and risky to speculate on whether the character of Nagini is really cruel and evil, because you will not know until you see the film itself. It is obvious that he does not expect the best ending being a slave of ‘He who should not be named’, but perhaps his past gives us a redeeming image or at least one of the most interesting characters in the magical universe.

‘Fantastic Animals: The Grindelwald Crimes’ hits theaters on November 16.

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