Tania Rincón wears micro shorts and a sparkly top to commemorate the fortnightly day

Tania Rincon
Tania Rincon

The lovely host of the show Tania Rincón turned to steal stares by displaying her strong legs and adding that it is a pleasant fortnight day.

What a way for one of the Hoy program’s main hosts to celebrate the fact that today is a fortnight day. In this week’s navel, she drew attention in the morning forum and generated a stir on social media with her basic, yet daring micro short attire to beat the heat in this spring season.

Tania Rinconn

She is the imposing Tania Rincón, who has once again captured the attention of her devoted fans and watchers, who spend their days admiring her beauty through television screens, always charmed by her superb bearing and dazzling physique.

Now that a few weeks have gone since the host, like her companions Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta, announced her separation from the father of her children, Tania Rincón demonstrates her lovely smile, excellent attitude, and that she is a lady who rapidly rises from terrible situations.

Tania Rincon

Tania Rincón published a couple of photographs on Instagram showing off her midweek costume, which attracted a lot of attention for providing a glimpse of what the spring 2023 season will offer. The host chose black denim micro shorts and a dazzling silver top with pink feathers in this example.

Tania Rincón demonstrated how ladies who appreciate the tiny short trend may combine it with different textures and materials to give it a more customized, unique touch and, in this case, look nice. in TV.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

As expected, the famous woman’s sense of humour was evident in this publication, because Tania Rincón stated that the reason for her bright smile in the images was because it was payday, that is, fortnight day.

Celebratory look because the fortnight has already fallen, ”wrote the host.

Tania Rincón is a fan of flaunting her lovely legs at every opportunity, indicating that it is one of her favorite aspects of her body and one that she enjoys flaunting. She must be because, as an athletic woman, she has managed to build a gorgeous shape.

Tania Rinconnn

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