Galilea Montijo and the Hoy hosts coexisted with Erik Rubn’s ex, Andrea Legarreta shone in her absence

Galilea Montijo
Galilea Montijo

The morning hosts resided with the ex-partner of “Timbiriche” vocalist. What a surprise the viewers of the ” Hoy programme ” had when they noticed that on Wednesday, March 15, the drivers had as a prominent guest neither more nor less than Erik Rubn, who recently announced his split from Andrea Legarreta, head of the transmission.

Galilea Montijo empatiza con Andrea Legarreta tras ruptura

Fans of the San ngel morning show were astonished to see Andrea Legarreta missing from the broadcast, which was assumed to be due to the presence of her ex-ex-girlfriend. husband’s Everything known so far is presented here.

Andrea Legarreta habla sobre supuesta enemistad con Fernando del Solar: "Es  muy fácil señalar" | Noticias de México | EL IMPARCIAL

Andrea Legarreta is not present at Hoy.

On this day, the “Hoy” programme dressed in long tablecloths to welcome the talented singer and pop diva Paulina Rubio as a star guest, who had a romantic involvement with the former vocalist of “Timbiriche,” Erik Rubn, in her adolescence.

Andrea Legarreta y Galilea Montijo dedican cariñosas felicitaciones de  cumpleaños a Tania Rincón

During the broadcast, the translator of songs such as “Not a single word,” “The last goodbye,” and “I am not that woman” spoke with the complete cast, which included Galilea Montijo, Ral “Negro” Araiza, Arath de la Torre, Tania Rincón, Paul Stanley, and Andrea Escalona. Andrea Legarreta was a notable absentee.

After discussing her future projects, Paulina Rubio participated in the morning show’s many dynamics, demonstrating that she has a great rapport with the entire group. The fact that “The Golden Girl” was a guest on the show on this day was appreciated by the viewers.

Galilea Montijo no comparte a alguien con Andrea Legarreta

Andrea Legarreta: Why didn’t you appear on Hoy?

Andrea Legarreta, the most recognised host of the “Hoy programme,” has been missing from the cast that she leads, along with other of her comrades, for a few days. The reasons are health difficulties, which she highlighted in one of her latest social media posts.

The Televisa star tested positive for the novel coronavirus Covid-19 yet again, thus he will be unable to attend the conference to avoid further infection. It was reported yesterday that she is stable and just has minor symptoms.

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