Andrea Legarreta’s alleged lover

andrea legarretaaa
andrea legarretaaa

The sudden announcement of Erik Rubn and Andrea Legarreta‘s separation surprised admirers, thus rumors regarding the reason have not been made to wait.

One of the most stable relationships on Mexican television was that of actress Andrea Legarreta and singer Erik Rubn, who recently announced their divorce after more than 20 years of marriage and two lovely daughters.

Andrea Legarretaaa

When Alfredo Adame was asked what he thought about the issue, he initially made a snide remark about the television host before praising the interpretation of “If it is not now” for overcoming “a cancer,” as he referred to Legarreta.

“Ah, ojalá y ojalá pase por 50 más de aquí a que se mu3r@ y ojalá que el día en que se mu3r@ se quem3 en leña verde en el infierno…” “… y a Erik Rubín, lo felicito, lo felicito por haberse desecho de ese cáncer…”

Alfredo Adame, on the other hand, accused her of being unfaithful three years ago with a key executive producer of Televisa, a firm for which he has worked for years, being one of the primary faces of the program. “Today”.

Andrea Legarreta demandará a Alfredo Adame por difamación

Before these claims, Andrea Legarreta answered in a very hilarious way, in a photograph and with a cup of coffee in hand, she assured that she found out about things that not even she knew she had done, hinting that this is a lie.

Erik Rubn, for his part, has also been accused of infidelity, but with a male, and while he maintains that none of this is true, the whispers have not ceased since.

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