Tania Rincón channels her estrangement via rigorous physical training

Tania Rinconn
Tania Rinconn

Tania Rincón, the Hoy program’s youngest host, does not waste time sobbing for her ex and instead redirects her emotions through rigorous fitness routines.

Exercising is believed to be one of the finest methods to relieve stress and overcome depression, and it appears that for the Hoy program’s star, Tania Rincón, this is one of her favorite tools for feeling better during this time of separation.

Tania Rincón sorprende con nuevo cuerpo gracias a su nueva vida fitness

Tania Rincón admitted in the middle of a live program, supported by Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo, a couple of weeks ago, between sobs and with a knot in her throat, that she and her husband Daniel Pérez had decided that the best thing for them was to end your relationship. The host is now enjoying her solo stage.

Tania Rincón has resumed producing publications after a brief hiatus from social media, and it is notable that the Hoy program host now spends her leisure time developing and preserving her statuesque body through rigorous physical training.


Presume Tania Rincón su marcado abdomen en atuendo deportivo

Tania Rincón started her day early this morning, going on a run across her neighborhood with her pals. Tania Rincón then went to her favorite gym and trained hard, as instructed by a physical conditioning expert, surprising herself with her tremendous dedication and resistance to training.

As if that weren’t enough, in the middle of the Hoy show, Tania Rincón returned to training in the morning’s health and exercise portion, so the famous woman spent her entire morning exercising, a pattern she follows every day.

Tania Rincón on Twitter: "Les dejé fotos de mi preparación antes de irme a  @IslaReality en mi FB 👉 #Crossfit #Wod" / Twitter

Tania Rincón makes it evident in this way that her stunning beauty and distinct shape of seduction are the result of a considerable physical effort that she puts in every day. Although exercise is beneficial to health, it also serves to focus the mind on topics other than difficulties or melancholy.

Tania Rincón has become an example for women who are also mothers of small children, who work, and who, for whatever reason, have remained single like her, and she is now proof that there is no evil, that it lasts a hundred years, and that self-love is the most important thing to maintain, despite having lost a partner.

Tania Rincón revela que bajó de peso por falta de hambre – Publimetro México

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