Tania Rincón is perplexed in Today, was the motorist wearing a towel?

tania rincon
tania rincon

What a way to grab attention to Tania Rincón, she arrived on the Hoy program wearing a provocative attire that raised eyebrows because it appeared to be a towel.

Tania Rincón, the youngest host of the Hoy program, startled and even bewildered viewers with her costume at the start of the week, because it appeared that the famous woman was in a towel on the forum, but it was actually her dress.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Tania Rincón is without a doubt one of Televisa’s most important visual attractions, let alone on the Hoy program, where she competes every day against her iconic colleagues, Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta, thus she is always striving to stand out with their costumes.

This Monday, the intimidating ex-beauty queen wore a pretty remarkable dress, because it was fully saggy, strapless, and white, giving the appearance that the host was wearing a bath towel, which elicited a variety of comments from her devoted followers and viewers.

Tania Rinconnn

Tania Rincón published a photo of herself wearing this particular white outfit on her Instagram account. When she stands in the photo, the host demonstrates very clearly why short skirts like this one are quite flattering on her because she has long and firm legs.

Tania Rincón chose gorgeous black and white pointed shoes to go with her white dress, and she chose to wear her long hair loose with a haircut divided in the middle for her styling. Her makeup was natural and classic, as it always is.

Tania Rincon

Another interesting element was the white cotton necklace she wore, which highlighted her long neck and emphasized her flashy and flirty neckline, suggesting that the host is an imposing woman with a preferred figure that she always keeps in perfect condition. thanks to his passion for sport.

Tania Rincón, in this way, does not stop and confirms to other women that, despite being in the process of separating from the father of her children, her life does not stop and, on the contrary, she has demonstrated that her children are the engine to continue forward and, as a result, it looks more than spectacular in the Hoy program broadcasts.

Tania Rincon

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