Guillermo del Toro is congratulated on his achievement by Andrea Legarreta

andrea legarreta
andrea legarreta

Guillermo del Toro wins a golden medal at the famous Oscar Awards, and Andrea Legarreta uses the chance to congratulate him on his networks.

The historic Academy Awards event took place on Sunday, March 12, with many movie luminaries in attendance, including actresses, actors, producers, and, of course, directors, including Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, who was strutting down the Red Carpet.

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He made an appearance since his masterpiece Pinocchio was nominated in the category of “Best Animated Feature “, and because he had put all of his passion into the creation of this film, he managed to captivate the hearts of netizens and movie fans, and he was able to take home the golden trophy.

Guillermo del Toro 1

Now, the famous host Andrea Legarreta was so moved by the Mexican’s fantastic success that he took to social media to tell him how pleased and delighted he was of him, dedicating a few words to him on his Instagram stories.

“Guillermo del Toro, Mexican pride, you are the best, a thousand times bravo”

All of Mexico celebrated the film director’s amazing triumph because he always remains committed to his principles and tastes when making a film, complementing it with all his heart, obtaining flattering results and, above all, transmitting an important message to the fans. William, congratulations.

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