In Hoy, Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubn have a bath

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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The ex-couples that get along the best include host Andrea Legarreta and singer Erik Rubn, who hop into the tub together in the middle of the “Hoy” program.

Erik Rubn, a musician, is collaborating with the Cumbia Machine music festival, in which he includes many bands and musicians who are typecast in the aforementioned genre, and in order to publicize the next dates, he goes to Mexico’s most watched morning show, ” Hoy “.

Andrea Legarretaaa

In said show, his ex-partner Andrea Legarreta, with whom he was married for over 20 years and has two lovely children in between, is one of the primary hosts, for which they starred in a mature and heartfelt moment together, because one of his daughters, Ma, would also be present.

The two renowned Mexicans photographed themselves in the bathtub and released it on social media, demonstrating that they will certainly separate but that they do not necessarily get along or that their relationship ended badly, demonstrating a high degree of affection, respect, and, above all, maturity.

Andrea Legarreta Surprises And Opens The Door To A Possible Reconciliation With Erik RubÍN


Erik Rubn spoke briefly on the program about Cumbia Machine and the upcoming concerts, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to express his love and respect for Andrea Legarreta, the mother of his daughters.

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