Tania Rincón, a Spanish actor who dated her while she was married

Tania Rincon
Tania Rincon

Tania Rincón announced her divorce, and following the uproar, networks resurrected an incident in which a Spanish actor flirted with her live and informed her that the host is already single.

A few hours ago, on the Hoy program, a spectacular moment occurred again, when the prettiest and youngest of the morning hosts, Tania Rincón, declared that she had separated from her husband, causing the networks to request that a Spanish actor, who flirted with Rincón a long time ago, be notified.

Tania Rincon

Tania Rincón declared yesterday on social media that she and her husband, Daniel, had decided to divorce, news that did not surprise her followers because they had been expecting it for weeks, because the couple had ceased exhibiting their daily lives on social media and had become distant.

The message was obviously taken up on the Hoy show, just as Andrea Legarreta did last week when she also announced her separation from her girls’ father, Erick Rubn. The news went swiftly on the internet, and as a result, they relived the moment when a Spanish actor flirted with Tania while she was still married.

This is Miguel ngel Silvestre, a Spanish actor that visited the Venga La Alegra program in 2021, where Tania Rincón was a cast member. On that occasion, the famous’s interest to this courageous was obvious.

As a result, now that it is known that Tania Rincón is already a single woman, they have immediately relived that moment on social media and have requested that the actor be told, and things are considerably different from when he met her in Venga La Happiness.

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At that time, Miguel Ángel Silvestre traveled to the Venga La Alegría forum to promote the premiere of the film “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.

Silvestre was unaware that the driver was a married woman at the time, and he threw some hints at her, despite the fact that she explained that she was married.

“Do you have a partner?” the Spaniard asked, “I have a husband,” he replied, to which the movie star replied: “How unfair life is.”

Despite this firm statement, the Spaniard continued to flirt with Tania Rincón throughout the conversation, even asking her to dance and seeking physical touch at all times.

Tania Rincón y la razón por la que no puede ver ni en pintura a Memo Ochoa

As a result, Internet users with good memories remembered that moment on social networks, and they humorously requested that the Spaniards be told that Tania is now a free woman.

Tania Rincón says she is comfortable with her decision and grateful to her now ex-partner, Daniel, for the eleven years they spent together and the two lovely children who will continue to link them throughout their lives, just hours after announcing their split.

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