Julián Gil requests that Marjorie de Sousa see Matas

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Sarah Joseph
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Marjorie De Sousaa
Marjorie de Sousaa

During the broadcast of the show he hosts, Julián Gil sent a direct message to Marjorie de Sousa, requesting permission to meet his son.

Since 2017, the conflict between Julián Gil and his ex-partner, actress Marjorie de Sousa, has been building like a snowball, always putting his 6-year-old kid in the center.

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During the most recent episode of the “Sit whoever can” program, which he hosts, the famous Venezuelan actor addressed a message to his son’s mother after a remark about the actress was displayed.

Julián Gil began by speaking to Marjorie de Sousa:”I beg you, I urge you to allow me be in my son’s life. Matas, his brothers, and his aunts all deserve me. I think you are denied of one of the most essential rights beauties that human beings have, which is having a family”.

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“I believe the child, me as a parent, and the public are being disrespected,” he concluded.

Gil previously stated that he would wait until his son was of legal age to meet him, but a few months ago he reversed his attitude and demanded that his ex-partner allow him to live with the boy.

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