The Producer of Pirates of the Caribbean Explains Why He Wants Johnny Depp to Return to the Series

When someone says Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s tough not to think of Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow swaggering his way through his own maelstrom of destruction.

For that reason, many individuals find it difficult to imagine the franchise flourishing without its talismanic leader. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is another person who believes Depp should be a part of the franchise’s future.

Johnny Depp offered Rs 2,355 crore by Disney to return as Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean series? | Hollywood News – India TV

Bruckheimer recently highlighted to Deadline what it is about Depp that makes him think he should be brought back into the franchise. He stated:

“He’s simply so talented at what he does, and actors bounce back from situations like this. He’s a decent person who cares about others. He’s someone you can count on, and he’s just fantastic.

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I think Johnny is a wonderful buddy and an incredible artist, and while you go through things in life that you wish you hadn’t, he’s still a fantastic artist.”

What will happen with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is currently unknown. Following Depp’s departure from Pirates 6 due to legal troubles with Amber Heard, the franchise appeared to be casting Margot Robbie as its new protagonist in a relaunch of the swashbuckling money-spinner.

Johnny Depp actors current fortune

However, subsequent reports have hinted that more than one Pirates of the Caribbean film is in the works, but no one seems to know which one will be made.

Who Will Play Captain Jack Sparrow in the Upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean Film?

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Now, two variations of the Pirates of the Caribbean series are being considered for the future. As previously stated by Bruckheimer:

“We have a fantastic script. We worked on two of them: one with Margot Robbie and another with a younger cast. The one with Margot Robbie needs a little more work.

Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean future is "yet to be decided", says Jerry Bruckheimer | GamesRadar+

The one with the younger cast is close. We’re hoping to obtain both of them. It’s alive and well for me. It’s still alive for Disney. I’m sure she was sad it didn’t go first — or maybe not because she’s really busy, in which case it could be a good thing to push this a little.

We feel we can make it. It’s a compelling story.” It’s unclear where this leaves Johnny Depp’s probable return, but it appears that there are other variations of the character in the works that don’t revolve around Jack Sparrow.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Johnny Depp explains why he doesn't miss playing Captain Jack | Entertainment

Nonetheless, Bruckheimer has always maintained that Depp’s place in the franchise’s heritage is unquestionable. There are clearly many Depp fans who would like to see him return to the franchise, but whether the actor requires the franchise is another matter entirely.

For the time being, Depp has made no indication that he wishes to reprise his part as Jack Sparrow, and while fans would love to see him strutting down the plank, it is the actor’s desire to return to the role that will determine whether or not it occurs.

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