Tania Rincón performs alongside great actresses

Tania Rincon
Tania Rincon

Tania Rincón never ceases to amaze with everything she does and now she showed that she also knows how to act and did it alongside great figures, one of them Martha Higareda.

The talented television host, Tania Rincón , is surprising on social networks, because she is showing that she is not only a former beauty queen and a leading figure , but also has histrionic skills, because she performed with great actresses.

Tania Rincón is giving a lot to talk about with all the projects in which she is involved, since she not only drives alongside Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta in the Hoy Program , but will also cover the Qatar 2022 World Cup and now she acts with great figures of the Mexican show business.

Now, the actress born in Michoacán showed her talent for acting, but what is causing the most stir is that she did it backed by stars such as: Martha Higareda, Ximena Sariñana, Regina Blandón and the member of the OV7 group, Marina Ochoa . Quite a surprise.

On the TikTok platform, Tania Rincón gave a taste of what she can do as an actress and comedian, since she was part of a great parody with these beautiful women who have extensive experience in music and television, which has left all his fans more than delighted with how well he did.

Apparently, the idea of ​​bringing these great figures together came from the influencer and actor Gerardo Nuño , better known on TikTok as “Rojstar”. Nuño is an actor who has become popular on this platform in recent months due to his great talent for lip synchronization and his funny way of recreating all kinds of situations.

On this occasion, the influencer had the actresses and Tania Rincón recreate a commercial classic from the 90s with him. At that time, in the year 1993, to be more specific, a commercial appeared on Mexican television announcing the theater play “Between women”, which was repeated so often that many people still remember it.

I want to know who she is”, “And do you suspect anyone in particular?”, “I love gossip between friends”, “I wear a flannel nightgown”, “I adore those ill-mannered people who do not ask your permission at all”, “Between women we can tear ourselves apart, but we will never hurt ourselves”, are the phrases that make up this unforgettable commercial.

At that time, the actresses that appeared in it were; Nuria Bages, Rosa María Bianchi, Macaria, Silvia Mariscal and Raquel Olmedo . At 19 years old and on TikTok, Tania Rincón, Martha Higareda, Ximena Sariñana, Regina Blandón , the member of the OV7 group, Marina Ochoa and “Rojstar” himself, recreated this television memory with a great sense of humor.

A TikTok that has filled several Internet users of that generation with nostalgia and who thank all the beautiful actresses and influencers in the comments for this fun parody. Tania Rincón confirms that she is a woman who, in addition to having undeniable beauty, also has great talent and great friends from the show business .


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