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20 Unique Facts About Mexico You May Not Know!

Most people think of Mexico as a beach tourist getaway or a corrupt narco-state governed by drug lords. The majority of people, however, are unaware of the truth of Mexico, its culture, and its people.

Their viewpoint is based on stereotypes and negative news. As a consequence, many are afraid to visit Mexico, although few people are aware of what Mexico is recognised for.

Here are 20 fascinating facts about Mexico, a nation I highly suggest both visiting and living in.

The real name of Mexico is not Mexico

History of Mexico for children - Mexico Daily Post

The official name of Mexico is the United States of Mexico (Estados Unidos Mexicanos). The United States is split into 31 states and the Federal District.

Each state, like the United States of America, has its own set of rules, regulations, and police. When you are in a different state than where you reside, your phone is almost always roaming.

Mexico City was not the country’s capital until 2016



The majority of people have always assumed that Mexico City is the country’s capital. Distrito Federal (DF) – the Federal District – was the real capital. The city officially changed its name to CDMX in 2016. (Ciudad de Mexico).

It might be perplexing since the Mexico City metropolitan region includes sections of DF and the State of Mexico. However, only residents of DF may claim to live in the capital.


Only the North Eats Mexican Burritos

Mexican food


Everyone appears to enjoy Mexican cuisine, so much so that UNESCO officially designated it as an essential element of humanity’s cultural legacy. Outside of Mexico, however, what people refer to as “Mexican cuisine” is more often than not Tex-Mex.

In Mexico, for example, no one eats Chipotle-style or rice-filled burritos (I know that in northern Mexico burritos are popular, however, I meant burritos from US fast-food chains).

Not only that, but most traditional Mexican cuisine isn’t spicy or hot – it’s actually sour from a lot of limes (in Spanish simply called lemons).


Mexican Spanish Is Not the Same as Other Spanish

Mexican Spanish vs. Spain Spanish: What's Different? | Take Lessons


Mexican Spanish, as I noted in my earlier essay on Mexican slang, is distinct. Torta, for example, does not signify cake in Mexico, but rather a sandwich.

Also, sope is not soup, but a ‘Mexican pizza’ (it’s not an actual pizza, but it’s close to the notion of a pizza in terms of crust, sauce, and toppings).


US Citizens Are Mexico’s Largest Immigration Group

US citizens Are The Largest Immigration Group in Mexico


It’s no secret that Mexicans make up the lion’s share of the country’s foreign-born population. However, US citizens make up the majority of Mexico’s immigration population. Over 750,000 US residents live in Mexico, according to the 2010 Census.

Yes, more Americans are going to Mexico than Mexicans are flocking to the United States. It’s kind of ironic…


There are 34 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico

UNESCO World Heritage, Mexico tours & activities, fun things to do in Mexico | VELTRA


Mexico has 34 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its boundaries. The list covers historic centers like Guanajuato, Mexico City, and Puebla, as well as dozens of ancient ruins, Tequila agave farms, and much more.


You Shouldn’t Flush Your Toilet Paper



In this regard, Mexico is no different from other Central American countries, particularly given that it is located in North America rather than Central America. Toilet paper should be disposed of in a container, not in the toilet bowl. Unsurprisingly, many Latin Americans living overseas struggle to acclimatize to flushing toilet paper down the toilet.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but none of the hostels in Mexico that I’ve been at permitted me to flush toilet paper. Particularly at Riviera Maya, which is so close to the sea.


Mexico Has Women-Only Carriages in Metro and Buses

Women-Only Carriages in Metro


Women in Mexico are really highly fortunate, despite the misconception that they are regularly assaulted. There are women-only buses and metro portions for women in Mexico City.

This may not seem like much of a luxury to some, but consider Turkey, where women on public transportation are frequently attacked and no one is doing anything to protect them.

The Turkish government has not even contemplated building a separate division for women. Furthermore, Mexican guys are caballerosos, which means they always open the door for ladies, pick them up before the date/meeting, and typically pay for everything.

According to a 2013 study done in Mexico City, many women prefer to utilize the public portion of the metro rather than the women-only section since males politely offer them a seat whereas other women do not.


Mexico City is home to the first printing press in North America

The First Printing Press in New Mexico (U.S. National Park Service)


In 1539, the House of the First Printing Press in the Americas (Casa de la Primera Imprenta de América) in Mexico City employed the first printing press in North America. Long before it became popular in the United States.


Christmas presents are not given to Mexican children

roma norte


Don’t worry, children do get presents, and they may even receive them twice. The larger festival, however, occurs on January 6th, the Day of the Three Kings.


Mexicans do not celebrate May 5th. Independence Day is celebrated on September 16th

Mexican Independence Day: Everything You Need to Know | Condé Nast Traveler


Mexico proclaimed independence on September 27th, 1821, although the independence battle began on September 16th, 1810 – the day that is honoured as Independence Day.

Cinco de Mayo does not celebrate Mexican independence; rather, it honours the Battle of Puebla in 1862, in which Mexico defeated the French troops. It is mostly observed in Puebla and among Mexican immigrants in the United States.


Mexico has North America’s oldest university

National Autonomous University of Mexico | university, Mexico City, Mexico | Britannica


People often believe that since Mexico is a part of Latin America, it is either in South or Central America. However, Mexico, along with the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean islands, is a part of North America.

As a result, Mexico possesses North America’s oldest university. Charles V of Spain established the National University of Mexico (UNAM) in 1551, 85 years before Harvard.


Every year, Mexico City sinks

Mexico City


Mexico City has the highest elevation and is North America’s oldest city. But that’s not all. It is also constructed atop the remains of the magnificent Aztec metropolis of Tenochtitlan.

However, unlike the Aztecs, who built sophisticated systems of dikes and canals to prevent flooding, the Spanish insisted on emptying the lakebed once they saw how much effort was required to sustain their aquatic life.

As a consequence, Mexico City is sinking at a pace of 6 to 8 inches per year as pumps extract water for the city’s expanding population.


Mexico is home to the world’s smallest volcano

Smallest Volcano in the world


Mexico is part of the “Ring of Fire,” often known as the circum-Pacific belt. It is the location of around 90% of the world’s earthquakes and approximately 81% of the world’s volcanic eruptions.

It is the only place in the world where the uncommon volcanic rabbit, which lives near volcanoes, may be found.

Mexico also has Cuexcomate, the world’s smallest volcano. This volcano, situated just outside of Puebla, is just 43 feet tall and the size of a small hill.


Mexican phone numbers may seem strange

New Dialing Rules Begin 3 Aug 2019 – Viva Cuernavaca

Let’s assume my mobile phone number in Mexico was 55 59 89 51 56. You must now dial this number when contacting or messaging from another mobile phone. When dialing from a local phone, add (0-44) before the number.

If you want to text from a foreign cellphone, add (+52), but if you want to call from a foreign number, add (+52 1).


Jaguars may be found in Mexico

Jaguars in Mexico are Growing in Number, a Promising Sign That Conservation Strategies are Working


The jaguar, North America’s biggest wildcat, may be found in Mexico’s southern jungles. They’ve also been seen jumping about Mayan ruins. Take extra precautions while exploring cenotes!


The World’s First Birth Control Device Was Invented by a Mexican

Mexican Inventor Created the World’s First Birth Control


The chemical compound was invented by Luis Ernesto Miramontes Cardenas, a 25-year-old Mexican scientist.

In 1951, he completed the first synthesis of norethisterone, which became the principal component of the first birth control tablets.’


The World’s Largest Ancient Pyramid is located in Mexico

Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico - Landmark Review | Condé Nast Traveler


The Great Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico is the world’s biggest pyramid. It is also the biggest structure ever built in the world, surpassing the Giza Pyramids.


Mexico is not a country in the Third World

misconceptions about Mexico

During the Cold War, the phrase “third world” was coined as one of three geopolitical alignment divisions. Nations allied with the US were designated “first world”, those aligned with the Soviet Union were ” the second world”, and non-aligned countries were ” the third world”.

Despite the fact that the Cold War ended 25 years ago, the word “third world” became associated with poverty in everyday discourse, whereas the other two terms vanished.

If nations are ranked by GDP per capita, Mexico is midway between Turkey and Brazil. It, like every developed country, has a plethora of contemporary hotels, residences, and fine restaurants.

On the other hand, the wealth difference is rather large – while some houses have a maid and a driver, the majority of others do not even have enough to live on.


Color television was invented in Mexico

Was color TV invented by a Mexican? - Quora


For a long time, the world would have been much more black and white without Mexico. Guillermo González Camarena invented the chromoscopic adaptor for television equipment, an early colour television transmission technology.

The interesting thing is that he achieved it at the age of 17 and during WWII! In 1946, he made his first official colour broadcast from Mexico City.

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