Robert Rodriguez Hints New SCI-FI Machete In Space Movie at SXSW

Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez

As impossible as it may sound, Robert Rodriguez suggests that ‘Machete In Space’ is a possibility because fans have requested it.

Since the fake trailer played before the release of “Machete Kills” in 2013, fans of Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete” franchise have been demanding for a “Machete in Space” film.

Machete Kills / The Dissolve

During an interview with Deadline Hollywood at the recent SXSW Film Festival, Rodriguez addressed the prospect of a full-length feature involving the character played by Danny Trejo.

Rodriguez has always been aware of fan desire for a “Machete in Space” film, including a fake trailer in “Machete Kills” as a gesture to fans.

Machete Kills movie review & film summary (2013) | Roger Ebert

But, he stated that the trailer “never satisfies them, so we have to do it.” The director went on to say that the first false trailer was created in response to fan demand, adding, “It wasn’t intended to be a film, but the fans demanded it.

As a result, we must provide it to them. We’ve never had a movie where someone wanted anything so much. Everyone is still singing ‘Machete in Space!’ You can never give them enough.”

Robert Rodriguez wants to direct 'Machete in Space' - Aroged

While Rodriguez appears to be interested in creating “Machete in Space,” there are a few potential roadblocks. For one thing, the director’s hectic schedule may preclude him from accepting such a job.

Rodriguez is presently marketing his latest picture “Hypnotic,” which stars Ben Affleck, and has “Spy Kids: Armageddon” in post-production as well as “We Can Be Heroes 2” in development.

Machete in Space': Robert Rodriguez Teases New 'Machete' Movie at SXSW

Another potential stumbling block is funding, as the previous “Machete” picture, “Machete Kills,” was a commercial and critical fiasco that failed to repay its box office expenditure.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, appears unfazed, and if he does find the time and money to shoot “Machete in Space,” it might follow in the footsteps of the original “Machete” picture, which made the improbable leap from a phony trailer to a full-length feature film.

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The “Machete” brand has always been known for its outrageous action and humor, and a space-themed chapter may push things even farther.

The first “Machete” film, released in 2010, features Danny Trejo as the title character, a former Mexican Federale out for vengeance on those who had wronged him. The cast of the picture included Robert DeNiro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, and Don Johnson.

Despite “Machete Kills'” lackluster reaction, fans of the franchise have continued to want more, and a “Machete in Space” picture appears to be the ideal opportunity to offer the over-the-top action and humor that fans have come to anticipate from Rodriguez’s flicks.

It remains to be seen whether the director will be able to pull it off, but the mere prospect is guaranteed to delight fans of the franchise.

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