On Instagram, Aída Martínez defies censorship in networks posing completely naked

Osada The model Aída Martínez has caused an uproar on Instagram for the bold image.

aida martinez modelos instagram
aida martinez modelos instagram

Sensual. Great stir has caused on Instagram a photograph of Aida Martinez in which she appears totally naked.

The model thus challenges censorship in the aforementioned social network, covering her breasts with only an emoticon.

On Instagram, Aída Martínez defies censorship in networks posing completely naked
“Arte en desnudo”, wrote Aída Martínez by way of description. The image already borders the 10 thousand ‘likes’ in just a few hours of having been published. Thousands of followers of the ‘characata’ on Instagram have filled it with praise for its beauty and sensuality.

The voluptuous model often shares bold images in the aforementioned social network, in which she shows off her figure to the delight of her followers. With more than 236 thousand fans, these photos almost always cause a stir.

Aída Martínez caused controversy a few days ago for speaking about Flavia Laos, whom she said she had seen her “doing dirty things” in a car. “If you (the journalists) record it more often you will see worse things. That is nothing, the things that I have seen. I was once in a car with her and she was doing very dirty things in a car, “she told reporters.

“The girl has strange attitudes, when she looks at you, her eyes come out. Take a lot of water I do not know … If you do not want to talk about it, then do not be stuck in dirty and stop going out at night to get drunk, “said the model, who walks with the blonde dimes and from a good time ago

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