Niurka Marcos said in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ that she would do a show with Ninel Conde under her conditions

Niurka Marcos would do a show with Ninel Conde despite the rivalry between the two and tells it all in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

Ninel Conde

Niurka Marcos is one of the most controversial characters participating in the second season of ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’. He first declared his rivalry against presenter Laura Bozzo with whom he competes on the reality show. Niurka and Laura have had several clashes in the three weeks that the Telemundo program has been running.

Recently, the Cuban star decided to direct her negative comments against the actress and singer Ninel Conde. While talking with some housemates, Marcos attacked Ninel Conde.

“She is way below that tone. In this entertainment performers. There are great singers, there are great interpreters and there are media people who survive, she is one of them”, Marcos sentenced.

After these controversial statements, the star made it clear that she could work on a show with Ninel, but under her conditions. During the reality show, the Cuban explained to her companions what her conditions are.

“It would be spectacularly strategic if Ninel Conde decided to be with me on stage. We would prepare a wonderful, mediatic show, taking care of both of us… so that she doesn’t look like a dick****… That I’ll swallow her and I’d be willing to lower her hue***** so that we look the same…”, said Niurka Frames. The rivalry between Niurka Marcos and Ninel Conde originated several years ago. The vedette has accused the singer of having wanted to remove her from some of her productions and has made her aversion against Ninel public. Instead, the singer prefers not to comment on Niurka and maintain a more peaceful position in this regard.

Niurka Marcos has been the protagonist of the most controversial moments in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’. She recently couldn’t stand Laura Bozzo’s outbursts against her and threatened to hit her.“And I turned to see them as if to say to him: -Tell him please that I wasn’t peeling them- And he kindly told him: -She wasn’t talking to you or anything. And then, at that moment, that moment, I told her, leave me alone, let go of me, dude, and she fell in love with her and started swearing and sent her to him…. I hadn’t even spoken. What’s more, she wasn’t even laughing at me anymore… It’s already too much… And there she grabs me with dance and I blow a cracker and her mug blows… ”, She said.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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