Ninel Conde responded to Niurka Marcos’s sarcasm when referring to her in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’

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10826 Ninel Conde Despiertaam2022 02
10826 NINEL CONDE DespiertaAm2022 02

The vedette Niurka Marcos has made it clear that her rivalry with Ninel Conde has not ended, and it is that in one of the broadcasts of ‘La Casa de Los Famosos 2’ she referred to the Mexican sarcastically

The vedette Niurka Marcos has been quite controversial during her stay in ‘La Casa de Los Famosos 2’, and since her arrival, she has not stopped giving material to cut, because she has not stopped giving her opinion on everything that seems to her, without taking into consideration that your words could affect third parties.

On this occasion, she attacked the actress, Ninel Conde, as she explained that it would be completely “for both her and the Mexican to be on the same stage to leave the talent they both have there. However, Marcos wanted to make it clear that she could put aside everything she knows to live up to the one who would like her to be her partner for a moment.

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“It would be spectacularly strategic for Ninel Conde to decide to be with me on stage… We would prepare a wonderful, mediatic show, taking care of both of us, so that she does not look like an asshole and does not see that I swallow her… No, take care of her and I am willing to lower him so that we look the same”, she commented sarcastically in front of her companions in ‘La Casa de Los Famosos 2’.

Niurka Marcos said in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ that she would do a show with Ninel Conde under her conditions

The Mexican singer, although she did not mention anyone, spoke through the social network camera, where she stated that her work is the one that speaks for her, regardless of the type of comments that may be generated.

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“So many things can be said but the reality is that actions speak! This is me! Working and enjoying your love, ”the dancer also shared on her personal Instagram account.

Marcos has taken advantage of his stay in the aforementioned Telemundo program because there he has left it in the public light that although time does not stop, his rivalry with Conde has not left him behind.

She has been considered one of the strongest contestants on the reality show, and despite her comments where she has revealed details of issues that do not concern her, the Cuban has not been in the nominee’s section of the week. In addition, she has had a lot of support from her fans.

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