Niurka Marcos apologizes to Toni Costa in The House of Celebrities after commenting on Adamari López

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Adamari Lopez E
Adamari Lopez e

Adamari López is not competing in The house of the famous, but the charismatic Puerto Rican presenter became one of the topics of conversation between the participants of the reality show over the weekend after her ex Toni Costa revealed for the first time to his companions very painful aspects of what happened a year ago after the notorious breakup.

“I went through depression,” he said, referring to the hoax that claimed that the reason for their separation was his sexual orientation. “I’ve never been with a man, I’ve always had girlfriends, but ‘since he’s a dancer’ they look for the macabre story, the culprit…. I was very Jodi…, the grayest moment of my life is those months”, came to recognize the Spanish dancer.

The Zumba instructor also assured that his daughter’s mother never came out to deny the rumors while he “always” defended her, which led his colleagues to begin to comment on the subject, starting with the controversial Niurka Marcos.

“There are times when you do have to talk, with sorrow. I love Adamari very much, I just saw her and she touched me a lot, she’s beautiful, but those are mistakes of the past. You have to defend the family, for the good of the child “, The vedette said with total sincerity.

Niurka, who has become one of the great protagonists of the current season of The House of Celebrities, also made comments in his style about Adamari’s physique.

“There was a time when she got ugly, embarrassed, wizened, fat, and haggard. I remember when I saw her on the shows, I don’t know what but she got horrible fat,” he said.

“Now it is beautiful and it is illuminated, that is, it is coquettish …”, he added.

Although at that time he preferred not to comment on anything, Niurka’s words about his daughter’s mother in his presence did not sit well with Toni, and this Sunday he wanted to talk to her to tell her.

Toni talks with Niurka

Toni: It hurt me and I had to tell you.

Niurka: It’s fine and I love that you did it because it speaks of the big heart you have. And it doesn’t just talk about the heart, it talks about the great dad your daughter has and talks about how you make the difference between you and Adamari. How you stand up for her and how she didn’t stand up for you when you needed it but don’t you care about her?

T: no

N: And that makes you magical, wonderful. And sometimes I’m playful when I say ‘I was fat, I looked like a clown lollipop’ and maybe I do it to make people laugh. But that’s not what matters to me about your conversation. What matters to me about your conversation is that you don’t look at whether he defends you or not, what matters to me about your conversation is that you do the right thing.

T: Or I try.

N: No, no, you do it because you have done it with me and you do it.

T: And I knew I could come to you and talk to you like that.

Niurka apologizes to Toni

N: I congratulate you and what do you think? Look with what happiness I tell you forgive me, forgive me?

T: I don’t have to forgive you anything.

N: No, yes you have to forgive me.

T: No, because already this, what I see in your eyes and how you are, is more than enough.

N: It’s that you killed me because you’re a being that I like to find in life. Look, I’m going to tell you something very valuable. Maybe I don’t regret what I said, but in front of you, I will never say it so as not to compromise you so that you don’t have to give your daughter an explanation.

T: Don’t do it in front of me because Alaïa can see it and can tell what kind of dad I have that hasn’t defended my mom. But I know that this will stay here… And I knew perfectly well that she could come to talk to you like this because you are a roller coaster of emotions that you also have that peace and I were looking for that moment. I didn’t do it before, I didn’t do it in front of anyone, I did it here with you because I knew I could do it and that this conversation was going to be a success, and that we were even going to connect more.

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