Have you seen them yet? The 5 Highest Rated Netflix World War II Movies

World War II
World War II

Movies about World War II are very followed, therefore, Netflix constantly releases titles of the genre, and many get the applause

It is not a secret at all that Netflix , in recent years, has considerably increased the production of films with stories about World War II, which has caused the streaming giant to currently have an outstanding selection of original films about this historical conflict. , and some of these tapes have received high marks from specialized critics.


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Netflix’s films about World War II, acclaimed by specialized critics, are must-see titles, because they have earned their ratings by showing unique stories with a high dose of drama, films that quickly captivate the viewer by being set in the context of this mentioned conflict, and if you are a fan of this type of film, here we show you five of the best.

‘The Weapon of Deception’

Starring Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth , ‘The Weapon of Deception’ is undoubtedly one of the best World War II movies on Netflix , a suspenseful and tense title that offers a story that you will surely think It is fictional, however it is one of the most elaborate and important espionage hoaxes carried out by British forces against Nazi Germany in this war.


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‘My Best Friend Anne Frank’

Another of the must-see movies about World War II on Netflix is ​​’My Best Friend Anne Frank’, a production that offers a unique story to the audience, because, as its name reveals, it addresses the life of the Jewish girl who together her family hid in a fake room in Nazi Germany, however, this production shows this story from the perspective of Anne Frank’s best friend.


‘Narvik’ is one of the most recent films of the genre on this service, a title that quickly became one of the most acclaimed Netflix movies about World War II , as this production addresses the story of a young soldier who belongs to to the small forces defending the city of Narvik in Norway in World War II, becoming part of the resistance against the invasion of Nazi Germany.

A Shadow in My Eye’

‘A Shadow In My Eye’ is definitely one of the films of the genre that you must see on this platform, because it narrates one of the most heartbreaking moments of World War II, which was caused by the victors of this conflict, due to a that shows the bombardment that the British forces carried out on the city of Copenhagen in March 1945, whose objective was to destroy Gestapo barracks, however, most of the bombs fell on the largest school in the city.

A Forgotten Battle’

‘A Forgotten Battle’ is very clear in its title, because it effectively addresses one of the most important battles of World War II that was ignored by the film industry for many years, however, the streaming giant released this production made in the Netherlands in 2021, a title that shows one of the largest confrontations of the allies against Hitler’s German army on Dutch lands, a fight that was fundamental to the allied war effort.


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