TWICE: Are the members jealous if ONCE stans other groups?


A fan asked each TWICE member if they could listen to other groups. This was what the members responded.

Being multifandom can sometimes be very heavy and on some occasions it could cause your idol to feel jealous when seeing other artists support. Would you like to know what TWICE thinks about it?


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TWICE  has always had a very close relationship with ONCE and they don’t hesitate to answer all kinds of questions from their fans. Therefore, when a fan asked if they would be jealous if they are fans of other groups, the girls responded in a very funny way.


After their incredible success with BETWEEN 1&2, TWICE returned with their 12th mini album READY TO BE, which has also been a huge success. To promote it, the group has met with their fans on several occasions.


Choáng với cách fan TWICE “xả tức” trước bình luận ác ý của antifan -


Which TWICE member would be jealous if listening to other K-Pop groups?

Many TWICE fans  have sworn undying love to the group and live from day to day just listening to each of the group’s albums. Have you wondered what the members think of you listening to other groups?


A fan who had the chance to attend a fansign with the members decided to ask each one if they could listen to another group, each one’s responses made ONCE laugh with their playful and sweet tones.


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Nayeon  decided to play with ONCE and respond in a cute way that it was absolutely forbidden to watch other people’s MVs. Jeongyeon  assured that he would be surprised and ask ONCE what he liked about the other group. For  Momo , if a fan told her that she went to another group’s pre-recording, the idol would want to know which group she went to see.


Sana  mentioned that she would ask ONCE what kind of reaction she would like her to get if she joins another group’s fanclub. Jihyo , like Nayeon, would also tell ONCE that it’s forbidden to watch other groups’ MVs. Mina  would ask why they went to another fansign with a cold smile, assuring ONCE that TWICE must be her favorite group.


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Dahyun  on the other hand would be perfectly fine if ONCE decided to join another fandom, saying that just because they like another group doesn’t mean they don’t like TWICE. Chaeyoung  would be fine if ONCE goes to another group’s concert. Finally,  Tzuyu  assured that she would feel jealous.



TWICE continues to promote READY TO BE, their latest release

On the other hand, READY TO BE , TWICE’s twelfth mini album, was released at the beginning of the month  , with which they have achieved a large amount of sales and recognition in recent weeks. 


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In addition to appearing on music shows and surprising their fans with videos of the challenge with other artists. TWICE has also met their fans several times. What was the song you liked the most from his new album?



In other news, did you hear that  Sana  became the muse of YSL Beauty in Japan? This is what you should know about her collaboration. 

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