Mona has already opened her OnlyFans and reveals what its cost will be


This famous girl had many followers who were crying out to please open her exclusive content page, and she even told us how much it will cost

Marisol Rodríguez, better known as Mona , has announced through a live broadcast to her followers that she has launched her exclusive content account .

The model and also an influencer shared that her partner Geros was not upset by the opening of her exclusive account, but even offered to take some of the photos that she will share on the OnlyF platform.

“He is going to help me take photos, he is going to see them. You know what? I kind of see that he is changing,” she stated.”

Instagram will load in the frontend.

“He also explained to us that: “With Karely it was not possible, it was not possible, and it was another boy who helped me. You can enter the application from my Instagram, click on my name below and choose ‘Intimate Photos’. That’s it my profile. My parents tell me that they won’t always be behind me, that I already have a partner, I’m even together, that if I want to throw myself away, go ahead. Besides, everyone already knows my life, the bad things I’ve done. What else can you not know about me?”

She also shared with her followers that her family has taken the news positively and supports her in her new initiative. Finally, Mona revealed that the monthly subscription cost to her exclusive content account will be 33 dollars, which is equivalent to around 615 Mexican pesos.

She also shared with us that she is happy to collect this amount, ensuring that you will be able to see the photographs for a month, in addition to the fact that she will be uploading new images each time the business progresses.


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