Hotspanish and Geros execute a cruel joke on Mona


The youtuber and the Facebook streamer agreed to play out infidelity in their famed TikTok dynamic. Hotspanish, a Mexican youtuber popular on the internet and social networks, wanted to ask a handful of content creators that have captivated via the lifestyles they usually live through their Facebook and TikTok profiles to participate. who has amassed millions of followers.

Youtuber Hotspanish denunció robo a mano armada mientras grababa reto en  Zapopan - Infobae

This is the influencer couple known as Mona and Geros, who have won the hearts of millions of Internet followers because to their modesty and apparent closeness to them.

This time, however, the popular youtuber decided to put their love to the test by persuading them to accept the challenge of spending a minute in paradise with other people.

@hotspanishmx Mona y Geros #fyp #parati #challenge ♬ original sound – HotSpanish

This exchange of couples appeared to please Geros, while Mona expressed amazement that her partner wanted to spend that moment in paradise with another girl.

And it was Hotspanish who had offered them a fantastic opportunity to play while travelling in a beautiful van. So Geros accepted without hesitation. Mona’s expression changed when the viewers began to make a controversy out of the influencer kissing the other female.

@hijasdelapelona1 Reply to @ytap3 Geros says that he would not have put up with the joke and if you had hit Mona���� #hotspanish #monaviralentiktok #hijasdelapelona #monacolegas #newfashionbeautymona #newfashionbeautymona # #geros #monaygeros #mona ♬ sonido original – Hijas of the bald

Mona refused to join the dynamic after seeing the slightly unkempt female come down and him, covered in lipstick on various parts of his body, so she spilled the water from her bottle on him in a fit of rage. Her boyfriend then stormed off, not wanting to hear from him again.

Hotspanis’ sister later followed her and escorted her to Hotspanish’s house, where they decided to terminate the hoax and explain to her that it had all been a joke. The youtuber emphasised that he believed them and that he was willing to show him the entire recording if necessary.

Roberto Gonzáles Manso, mejor conocido como “HotSpanish” es un rapero  youtuber que cuenta con más de 3 millones de seguidores. En su “vlog” hace  bromas pesadas como rasurar las cejas de uno

Mona ended up accepting their word for it this way. However, Hotspanish instantly admitted that he had intended to pull the joke on Geros, telling Mona what would happen, and then she feigned to take revenge on him.

Then Geros told him that if it were the case, he would not have resisted the temptation to beat the other man.

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