Mia Khalifa suffers terrible accident when preparing for her wedding

The remembered adult reading is only months away from her long-awaited marriage.

Adult Star Mia Khalifa
Adult Star Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa wants to be in the best state for her wedding, so the well-known ‘influencer’ is on a strict diet, as can be seen through her Instagram stories .

However, not everything is rosy, because the model suffered a terrible accident, which she shared on Instagram : “I fell off my bike, am I already athletic?” Wrote Mia Khalifa .

Mia Khalifa: who will you marry?

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Robert Sandberg is a chef who risked his professional career to be close to Mia Khalifa . He received the support of the actress to do his immigration paperwork and leave Sweden and go live with her to the United States. He arrived in the country of Donald Trump with a job offer from a renowned restaurant.

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The love story of Mia Khalifa and Robert Sandberg was exposed by the protagonists themselves from their social networks. Both announced their commitment to a romantic snapshot, where the influencer flaunted her expensive ring.

In 2018, the young people opened a YouTube channel in which they showed their adventures as a couple. Currently, both have millions of visits and have become one of the favorite celebrities of young people.

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Mia Khalifa and the diet she takes for her marriage

“Say no to French fries once,” Mia Khalifa writes on Instagram , referring to the diet she has been following along with her gym routines. The popular model already has more than 16 million followers in the aforementioned social network.

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