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13 pictures of Mia Khalifa from the beginning to retirement The most exciting woman in the world

You can not get an adult porn business without a little controversy There is always a new scandal in this world embodied in the fighting or powerful scenes to be used in headlines

Mia Khalifa is one of the most beloved stars in the world of pornography has always been the center of the storm.

Mia Khalifa is a combination of innocence and the amazing raw brown bomb has surpassed the most important representatives in the world of pornography has never reached one of them until it captures the minds and hearts and even underwear that attracts the viewer.

But the most important question today is what did she love Mia Khalifa before she shook the world of pornography and pornography? Today with the voice of Beirut International you know more closely about this and more than you expect.

Woman, myth, myth

Suppose you did not hear a successor before today and came to this article by accident. Who is Mia? Is one of the most beautiful viewing in the world and one of the greatest pornographic filmmakers of history.

The beginning of her life ..

No one expected Mia Khalifa to enter the world of pornographic films. She was born in Lebanon and was a conservative Christian family before leaving her family to the United States of America and there found Mia herself in the world of pornography can express itself in a good way.


A series of friends saluted their saliva later, discovering that sex was not just a function in the body, it was already so much fun and one of her friends suggested that she try her hand in front of the kimra. I jumped to the opportunity, and the first scene was already nerve-racking, but it got better and better.


Most porn stars see their popularity rising slowly, working hard and grinding for years in order to achieve some degree of fame. Although Mia was not, it was discovered in a matter of weeks, she has been the most popular porn star in this area, and more porn stars search on Google’s engine most of the time.

This scene is controversial

What a girl should do when she gets the world at her feet, why, shock them, of course.

I did it in the most insane way possible, through a sexual scene wearing an Islamic hijab, if that is not enough to stir the Hornet’s nest, and we do not know what it is.

Death threats

It certainly caused a stir. The Lebanese community has reacted harshly to the scene and abandoned it mainly with strong words. Islamic groups condemned this heresy, but it also appears to have received a death threat from the organization of the Islamic state. Her photographs are “transgressions” sent to her through social media.

She owns it, though

All this attention did not frighten Mia for a second. Instead of apologizing for her actions, she owned them, saying it was disappointing that something like that was taken seriously. Despite its strong position, its reaction has not taken its toll.

Quit the world of money

After six months of working in the pornographic films and spreading the joy in the hearts of lovers around the world decided to Mia Khalifa to retire from pornography and was a big decision for the young girl, especially as it was receiving very generous offers from the largest producers of pornographic films in the world.

Roller coaster ride

The runaway path to Mia did not end despite a few years back, it turned out that once you become a celebrity, you are pretty much a celebrity forever. There were hits and rumors, and even half the rumors were true.

Its new function

The greatest summary of all that we have said about Mia Khalifa is that it is not that girl who wanted only young, but is a skilled player is a new fact about it is transmitted through the accounts in social networking sites and YouTube latest games, including the game famous GTAV is very skilled in these games.

Fans still love her

There is not only beautiful memories of the performance and representation of porn movies, but the ability to command and control everything that touches him as video games and sports and enough to be Mia Khalifa.

Even sometimes too much

Although some fans are hard-liners, they can sometimes stay and be a lot to her, she likes her own area. In a recent incident, it ended up to you a man who tried to take a picture with her without even taking permission from her. And bet on him that he did not expect it.

She has always been baffled

But this is not Mia on a bad day, this is just Mia in every round. If you are her best, and a good person, you will be just lovely and loved. On the other hand, it is a real pocket rocket. If you interrupt them, you will learn about them pretty fast and supple.

Incredible pictures of her early job

So, what did she like before she became a porn star? Well, these images may reveal something hidden about a successor, on the way back before anyone really knows, this is from an event called “Crotica” run by the Clack radio station. She may not have the same assets and size, but she certainly had the same open personality.

That’s not all she was doing there

Mia was an unknown guest at that event, but with incredible body paint, it did not take long to be noticed. When he showed the future, according to witnesses, Mia Khalifa began to give hot dances to anyone close to it has not changed and will never change. It’s Mia Khalifa.

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