Meet the ‘world’s hottest weather girl’ Yanet Garcia


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Social media starlet , who is a weather presenter at a Mexican TV station, is truly a diva to watch out for. Yanet’s stunning photos will surely make you watch weather forecast. Let’s take a look at Yanet Garcia’s pictures..


On Instagram, Mexican beauty Yanet Garcia’s stunning photos are drawing attention. Yanet Garcia Models is a modelling school she founded in her hometown of Monterrey, where she teaches aspiring models one-on-one. As reported by TMZ and Playboy, this attractive weather lady got increasingly well-known for being a “girl that makes you want to watch the weather forecast”. Yanet’s gorgeous photographs and selfies have sparked a flurry of interest on the internet. Having had a fast-paced career, Garcia sets the bar high. As recently as 2016, it was widely reported that she had undergone cosmetic surgery to make her derriere appear larger. Her response was to deny everything. Many have drawn comparisons between her and reality sensation . As a result of her work in the weather forecasting industry, she is believed to have a net worth of around $3 million. Yanet Garcia, dubbed the “world’s prettiest weather girl,” captivates viewers with her stunning images. Former model Yanet Garcia has risen to fame as Mexico’s weather girl. She has more than 14 million Instagram followers, and Yanet posts photographs of her exercises to inspire her followers. It was in an interview when Yanet attributed her remarkable appearance only to a strong family lineage. Thanks to the captivating images she’s posted from her exotic excursions, she’s already a well-known face on the internet. Photographs taken by Yanet Garcia/Instagram (all shots)


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