Marjorie de Sousa appears to be having a good time in a vacation video

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Marjorie de Sousa, a famous Venezuelan actress, delighted her followers “have a good time” with a delightful film of her beach trip.

Have a pleasant weekend! Marjorie de Sousa, the famous Venezuelan actress, had a lovely time with her closest relatives on her most recent beach trip, which she decided to share with her followers.

His more than 9 million followers were overjoyed to see some details of his wonderful little trip with his little son Matas, 6 years old, who also enjoyed the yacht ride and nothing in the sea water.

“Have a good time!!!” “Wonderful weekend in one of our favorite spots,” Marjorie de Sousa said beside the video. “

“I adore seeing you enjoy Mati in the same way that I do with my son,” one message said. “When you are at peace and in sync with the universe, you have a great time,” another said.

“The boy is absolutely gorgeous,” another said. “Happy with his good Mommy, a thousand blessings,” another said.

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