Lis Vega reveals how she is doing in Only Fans:

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The 44-year-old model is also one of the most beautiful in the Mexican entertainment environment

Lis Vega has always been one of the most beautiful and sensual celebrities on Mexican television, although in recent months she has not had as many projects on the small screen as her fans would like, she has managed to stay current on social networks and on Only Fans, where you upload erotic and adult content; She has many subscribers on that platform, which is why she is doing very well.

The 44-year-old model also mentioned in the “First hand” program that she opened her account in Only Fans just to try to cover her expenses when the confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic began, but over the months it became apparent She realized that she could make a good income from it.

Lis Vega Reveals How She Is Doing In Only Fans:
Lis Vega Reveals How She Is Doing In Only Fans:

“I am doing very well, I arrived at a stage of the pandemic, when I had to support my family, I do not have a partner, no one supports me and it is like a men’s magazine, but on the platform, I upload my photo per month, people pay their monthly payment and it is exclusive content”, she said.

Lis Vega Reveals How She Is Doing In Only Fans:
Lis Vega Reveals How She Is Doing In Only Fans:

However, she mentioned that she is not looking for a partner, since she enjoys being alone and will continue like this for some time because it is best not to explain to anyone.

Lis Vega recognizes that she is a sex symbol

She assures that his “sexy” facet is one of the many characteristics he has made in her career as an artist, “I lend my emotions to create a character, which in this case is a sexy and erotic woman,” she mentioned. In addition, she will soon appear in an adult magazine that has distribution throughout Latin America.

“That at this point they still want to hire me and I continue to win, at 40 years old, I am still very blessed to have my post. I am 44 years old, what is going to scare me, I am very proud to celebrate my birthday, ”she commented.

She concluded by saying that she is in one of the best moments of her life: “I am free of mind, soul, body, and spirit. I am free because I have no one and my heart is not in danger.

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