Lele Pons (Singer) Wikipedia, biography, age, height, weight, measurements, boyfriend, net worth, facts

Lele Pons
Lele Pons

Who is Lele Pons?

Eleonora Pons Maronite, better known as Lele Pons, is a Venezuelan actress, YouTuber, model, presenter, and singer who was born on June 25, 1996, in Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela, but has lived in Miami since she was five years old. Florida, United States. Lele Pons achieved great worldwide recognition for having become the most followed person on the Vine platform, where she managed to win the affection of the public in all parts of the world, mainly for her comical videos in which she recreated the typical experiences of any teenager who took her to get more than 1 billion views.


Lele Pons (Singer) Wikipedia, biography, age, height, weight, measurements, boyfriend, net worth, facts
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LeLe Pons
WE Day California, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 19 Apr 2018

Childhood, Youth and Family Life by Lele Pons

Lele Pons grew up in Miami, Florida, United States, the city in which she lived until 2015, when she finished her studies at Miami Country Day High School, she moved to Los Angeles, California, where she is currently based. In addition, Lele Pons is the only daughter of the ex-marriage formed between Luis Pons, a prominent architect, and Anna Maronese who worked as a doctor. This young Venezuelan has Spanish ancestry through her father and Italian-Venezuelan through her mother, therefore Lele Pons speaks Spanish fluently, she also has great command of English and Italian.

During her time through high school, Lele Pons suffered from bullying mainly due to the fact that she never lost her Latin accent, this caused the jokes of the vast majority of her classmates and was even made fun of by her nose. Once that stage was over, this Venezuelan in April 2016 told the writer Melissa de la Cruz everything she had experienced at school, who wrote the book that she called “Surviving High School” or “Surviving School”, at Lele Pons revealed details of that hard experience, but she did it in a humorous way by making jokes, in turn she said that: “I’m not like cool girls, I’m the other girl. That’s basically a nerd, but I’m proud of that. ” This project was promoted on Instagram with a photo that reached 36,000 “likes” in just three hours, and took her to various cities in the United States such as Miami, Los Angeles and New York.

During the presentation of her book in Miami, Lele Pons commented that she began to worry about her physical appearance, coming from that same experience lived for years during her time in high school. However, she made it clear that it was a decision she made for herself, not to please anyone else.

Lele Pons’ Beginnings in Music

Lele Pons (Singer) Wikipedia, biography, age, height, weight, measurements, boyfriend, net worth, facts
Lele Pons was only 16 years old when she had the idea of ​​opening a Vine account, so she was encouraged by her best friend Jerome Jarre, who also encouraged her to continue sharing content. But, the escalation of success for this future star began in 2015, when her videos began to gain great notoriety mainly by making fun of typical and everyday situations creating a particular style. The following year, she managed to become the user with the most followers on this platform, reaching a total of 11 million fans, and her views managed to exceed 1 billion views.

On her aspirations, Lele Pons commented that: “I always wanted to be a singer. I was going to finish high school and go to university, and Vine came out and I felt that I could finally show people my talent. “This platform turned her life upside down 180 degrees, as the star himself stated:” Honestly, it has changed my life. I don’t know where I would be now without it. ”

Despite the fact that Vine closed in January 2017, Lele Pons’ account is still open and it houses a total of 8 million views and according to the latest measurement by Statista, it is the third artist with the most followers worldwide. Due to this closure, Lele Pons migrated to YouTube on her channel, accumulating 12 million subscribers.

After being recognized as an influencer in the digital world, Lele Pons had planned to fulfill her dream of being a singer, so 2018 was the year chosen for this celebrity to conquer the music scene, so she released her first single entitled “Dicen” in the who shared credits with Matt Hunter, who before meeting Lele Pons was unaware of her enormous talent for singing, as the artist himself acknowledged: “I didn’t know! I listened to a recording of her and I said ‘wow, she has a nice voice’, and I wanted her for my song. ” The recording of the video clip “Dicen”It was held in Malibu, California, United States, and Matt assured that: “It was very cool to work with someone who also directs videos.” She also had so much fun with this Latina, assuring that it is: “Very cool. She has so much personality and, at the same time, she is so humble, that working with her, who has so much creativity, so many ideas, was very funny. We had a dance part that was a little difficult because I am not a professional dancer, but she did it very funny, every time we were laughing. We had a good time, it didn’t feel like work. ” So pleasant was the experience of Matt Hunter with Lele Pons that she did not rule out collaborating with her on another single: “Yes, I told her that I would love to do more songs with her. I think that is going to happen very soon. There was a very good chemistry, instantly, everything flowed naturally ”.

In “Dicen” , Lele Pons participated in the direction together with DJ Calvin Harris and Max Goodrich from Shots Studios, to date this audiovisual material has achieved 160 million views, becoming a great success for the nascent musical career of this artist as having positioned itself at number three on the Latin music chart of the streaming platform Spotify, in turn it was cataloged as the best example of a digital star by Rolling Stone magazine. On the musical debut of Lele Pons, her uncle the Puerto Rican singer Chayanne She said about it: “I see Lele super good with everything that she has created by herself from a very young age on a wave that was just growing and she is a pioneer of that wave. I’m happy for her, she has a great song now ”.


Lele Pons musical genre

Lele Pons conquers her followers with a black silk dress and sexy transparencies. Instagram Lele Pons

Lele Pons managed to make a space for himself in the music industry at the beginning of her career as a singer, so she decided to do it hand in hand with the pop genre, this musical style has been present in each of her singles.

Likewise, all the rhythm and musical style of Lele Pons is accompanied by her great talent derived from her multiple participations in which she was involved before developing her musical career. But, there were several elements that were combined so that this Venezuelan managed to become a true singing star, her voice, her Latin style, her incomparable beauty make her unique by being able to create a great show with an extraordinary staging.

Although this artist has sung in Spanish, she does not rule out that her next performances will be in English, she assured this during an interview: “I want to make more music, music in English, new things are coming.” In addition, she affirmed that her tastes and rhythms always go towards reggaeton and even hip-hop because they are musical genres with which she identifies, they are also danceable and fun rhythms.

Lele Pons admires several figures in the artistic field and is even fans of Latin women such as Sofía Vergara and Gaby Espino, but she has a special predilection for the Colombian singer Shakira, who positively influenced her career.


Lele Pons Career and Legacy

Such is the fame that Lele Pons enjoys that she started out as an influencer but her career diversified over time, which is why 2016 made her first appearance on the big screen has had a role in the television series “Scream “ Based on the movies of the same name, in which she played a victim in season two during episode one titled ” I know what you did last summer “ or ” I know what you did last summer” In November of that same year, Lele Pons was chosen again now to be in the cast of the movie “We love you” or “We love you” by director Huck Botko premiered on YouTube. In this new production, Lele Pons was Callie and was accompanied by the actors Yousef Erakat, Justin Dobies, Ray William Johnson, and Courtney Lakin, among others.

In search of conquering other scenarios, the year 2016 meant a year of a lot of work for Lele Pons when she managed to appear in the video clip “She’s out of her mind” or “She is insane” by the rock band Blink 182, later, that same year Lele Pons got a new role now in the web series “Escape the night” or “Escape the night” produced by Brian Graden Media, in which she had an important role-playing the con man in the first season.


In 2017 work proposals continued to arrive for Lele Pons, so in January of that year, she appeared in the video clip “Summer” or “Verano” by the DJ and producer Marshmello, in which she played the role of a skateboarder’s partner, whose video achieved more than 270 million views on the YouTube music platform. Then Lele Pons participated in October 2017 in the video clip of “Havana” by Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello, where she played the partying sister of the former Fifth Harmony member. This production garnered 448 million views on YouTube and is dedicated to Camila Cabello’s homeland, and also featured the rapper’s collaboration. Young Thug.

Before the end of 2017, Lele Pons embarked on a new project, now in “Downtown” or “Centro de la ciudad” belonging to the album “Check Mate” by the Brazilian singer Anitta in which she shared credits with J Balvin being released in November of that year. Apart from the official video clip, a new audiovisual material starring Lele Pons and JuanPa Zurita was released in December, which was posted on the Venezuelan channel on YouTube.

After the launch of the success of “Dicen”, Lele Pons announced to her fans that she was preparing a Latin version titled “Amigos” in a clear reference to the 90’s series “Friends” . In this new product it would be headed by six YouTubers recognized as the Mexican JuanPa Zurita and Lele Pons as the protagonists along with the Dominican Ana Marte, the North Americans Hannah Stocking, Rudy Mancuso and Anwar Jibawi, the plot revolved around how six friends have fun while details of the lives of these six personalities were revealed.

Lele Pons announced the launch of the first chapter of “Amigos” on her Instagram account, and when this Venezuelan shared the intro of this new project, she obtained in just 10 minutes more than 300 thousand views, this series was broadcast on the channel in YouTube of the interpreter. Later, Lele Pons participated in the video clip“The middle” by producer Zedd with Maren Morris and Gray premiered in 2018, and during the presentation of these singers at the Grammy Awards, this artist accompanied them on stage dancing to this musical theme.

After her first song, Lele Pons was signed by the record company Universal Music with which she signed a contract and soon after she released her second single entitled “Jealous”, in which she worked as a DVLP co-producer who had collaborated with artists such as Eminem, J Balvin and Lil Wayne, was also accompanied by the singer Fuego.

“Jealous” In countries like Spain it was very well received by being in the first 50 positions of the most listened to songs on Spotify, in addition, this song got more than 130 million reproductions and in just four days of its launch this single reached more than 25 million in YouTube thus becoming a great success for this Venezuelan. Such was the repercussion of “Jealous” that on Twitter it became a trend.

On this new production, Lele Pons commented that: “I’m very happy that ‘Jealous’ finally came out. The creation of the song was an incredible experience that I want to thank Ale Alberi, DVLP and Fuego, for helping me write and produce this song. To Rudy Mancuso and Anwar Jibawi for directing my videos. My team has been with me at every step and they have made this moment something very special ”. In the same way, producer Rudy Mancuso confessed to feeling satisfied with the results obtained, so she stated: “I directed this music video for @lelepons. It was an incredibly exciting and educational experience. Thanks for letting me run this crazy @shots vision. Jealous is out now ”. In just two weeks “Jealous” managed to enter the top 20 of Hot Latin Songs ranking at number 11. With her musical career in full swing, Lele Pons announced the release of the remix of “Telephone” in which she worked with Aitana Ocaña, which was positioned in less than 24 hours in the number two position on YouTube, obtaining more than three million views after its launch, another successful success for this radiant Venezuelan.

On the other hand, Lele Pons has developed other facets such as modeling, this led her to parade on the autumn-winter catwalk at Milan fashion week for the Dolce & Gabbana brand, she was also a judge at the Miss Universe, and in February from 2017 she managed to become the CoverGirl ambassador. In turn, in 2015 Lele Pons was in the White House for the invitation made by former first lady Michelle Obama to participate in a social campaign. From her work as an influencer, Lele Pons invested part of that money to launch her jewelry collection called UNO Magnetic. She also had the opportunity to present the 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards with Aitana. That same year she was recognized as one of the most influential adolescents by Times magazine, In 2016 she was considered the most influential Venezuelan by Time magazine, in 2017 she was in the first place in the list 30 under 30 most successful published by Forbes magazine. In May 2018, Lele Pons became the presenter of the singing contest created by the Televisa La Voz… Mexico network for a new season that would begin in October of that same year.

Wherever Lele Pons points, success follows her as when she made the song “Scooby doo papa” by singer DJ Kass viral, released in September 2017, but which became popular the following year in the form of a challenge. This single was made very famous by Lele Pons and Inanna, who appeared in a video on Instagram disguised as Vilma and Daphne from the remembered “Scooby-Doo” series. About this phenomenon, DJ Kass said that: “I took it out in September (2017) and it was made viral by a public figure called Lele Pons, who posted a video with the song on her social networks.”

The prominence of Lele Pons and her career has been worthy of various accolades for which in 2015 she was nominated at the Shorty Awards as a Vine Star, she also had a nomination at the Teen Choice Awards as a Female Internet Celebrity, and at the Streamy Awards again. got a new nomination but this time as Viner. In 2016 this artist managed to win the award for Best Viner at the Teen Choice Awards and in Streamy Awards she was the winner in the category Best Ensemble Cast for “Escape the Night”, finally in 2018 Lele Pons won the award as Global Instagramer in the MTV Millenial Awards.


Latest News of Lele Pons

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Lele Pons Personal Life

Lele Pons (Singer) Wikipedia, biography, age, height, weight, measurements, boyfriend, net worth, facts

Lele Pons starred in 2018 with the model Ray Díaz in a scandal when an intimate video had gone viral in which the two are seen kissing with great passion lying on the bed accompanied by movements with the tongue. This short material was published on Ray Díaz’s Instagram account, but it was deleted shortly afterward and the influencer himself asserted that her account on this social network had been hacked, for which she apologized not only to all her followers but to Lele Pons.

On the other hand, Lele Pons has been linked to several personalities such as Juan Pa Zuita with whom it was rumored for a long time that they had something and it was even asserted that this artist was in a romance plan with the singer Carlos Rivera. However, this Venezuelan clarified that she has had a boyfriend for approximately two months, an Italian named Leonardo Favero who has no connection with the world of entertainment.

During an interview on the program With permission, Lele Pons confessed that her father is gay, for whom she also feels a deep love and they have a very close relationship. She was also in favor of the homosexual community and because She respected her father’s private life, She did not reveal these details.

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